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Re: [BSA] Re: Phone line is active for Weather Station

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  • Jon Bolt
    My personal view, not speaking for the group or as an officer of the krewe... ...it s Eddy s baby...let him deliver it and let s help him if/where he
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 22, 2009
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      My personal view, not speaking for the group or as an officer of the krewe...
      ...it's Eddy's baby...let him deliver it and let's help him if/where he asks....I've got the forceps if he needs 'em and Brian Kerr has the anesthetics!!!
      Thanks to everyone who had a role in this...Eddy, Jim, Jason, Joyce, Keith, God, ....all

      On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 4:30 PM, Gear Daddy LLC <geardaddyllc@...> wrote:

      I’m glad to hear that all my calls, emails, and multiple visits to ACE has finally paid off;   SUCKS! that I did not get to hear of it first.

      I already have everything for the job, including other stuff like a UPS, so you do not need to buy anything for reimbursement. I do appreciate your willingness to donate wood screws.

      I would appreciate the opportunity to finish the job as I have planned. Jon is right on the money about it being “My Baby”, I apologize for being upset about this, but I have put a lot of time and energy into this project, and I would like to see it through.  I thought we were of the understanding that I would be the sole contact for the completion and operation of the wind meter project. Not sure why now you/ACE feel that I can not build a shelf and why now ACE should only talk to you.  I would have appreciated the offer to help build a shelf.

      If you, as “President”, would like to re-designate how things are done then I’ll lay down the “Wind Meter torch”, and gladly hand over all the remaining funds, purchases, and donated supplies for this project.

      BSA Member

      BTW, since the Lake Lowell “Kiteboard Ban” does not hurt you like it hurts others (for now), let those that really care “Take the Bull by the Horns”.  Jon is doing a great job and has grabbed a Big Ole Bull. In my opinion, Jon is really doing something that will make a difference. We Kiteboarders appreciate anyone including windsurfers who feel FWS action is wrong, to be apart of the re-action. Sometimes you just have to get in a persons face and say something...

      From: Kiter - Jon Bolt <idakiteman@...>
      Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 13:53:49 -0600
      To: Jim VanDerHeyden <jlv@...>, Boise Sailors <BoiseSailors@...>
      Subject: [BSA] Re: Phone line is active

      Jim, thanks for your work on this.
      It's pretty known that Eddy with some help from Jason pioneered & put a ton of work into the weather station and have been waiting eagerly for the phone line to get installed to spring into action and complete the thing.  Before you sent your email broadcast, did you contact them?  Heck, I'm sure Eddy has pretty much everything needed to mount  & setup because they've been waiting for this to happen and planned ahead and gathered stuff.  Since it's their "baby" and they did all the work behind it, I bet they'd appreciate the satisfaction of completing it, and would appreciate courtesy of recognizing that and keeping them in the loop on "their baby".  Eddy has excellent relationship w/ Joyce & ACE leaders and they know he did the meter installation just fine & hard to imagine ACE wouldn't be happy w/ Eddy finishing what he started w/ them.  I'm sure he could call them & get the OK.  But your initiative on this is great too, so maybe you wanna call Eddy and let him know & thank him for all his work and offer to help him if he needs it?  And if he doesn't have all the parts/tools (I'd be surprised if he didn't), I'm sure someone in our group does and we can save the expense

      On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 10:49 AM, Jim VanDerHeyden <jlv@...> wrote:

      We have a phone line....

      Keith is going up mid morning to see what Quest has done. He will be
      contacting me shortly after to let me know if all is ready to go. The
      only thing in question is weather it was buried to the pump house and
      if conduit was run.

      I have several issues to address:

      First section is being directed to Eddy and Jason;

      1) Joyce and Keith have requested that I install the shelf in the pump
      house for the components to expedite the process.They are aware that I
      am a building contractor and would prefer this. There maintenance man
      has his hands full right now. He gave me (4, all he had  available) of
      the anchors they want used to attach the shelf bracket to the cinder
      block wall. I will have time mid to late afternoon to do this. I will
      need to purchase a 5/8 masonry bit, two brackets, four bolts and misc.
      wood screws (which I will provide) and a piece of  1" x 12" x 4', and
      cut it to the size required. I will need to be reimbursed form the
      funds available.

      2) How soon can the install of the components take place and be

      3) Once active, will we be able to see an archive of information for
      at least 48 hrs, 72 would be nice.

      4) Joyce and Keith have requested that all communication continue to
      go through one person... ie, current President. Back when this was
      getting started I was involved before we were organized, then Eddy
      took over when we established a President and eventually a V.P., which
      was myself. Before I was V.P. I was asked to leave it to Eddy. I did
      so. So now that I am acting Pres. please direct all further future
      communication through  me via email or phone (or any future President)
      and I will work with ACE. To honor there request we need to stick to
      our agrement with them.

      Second section out to the group;

      1) As we are all aware, The Feds @ The Dear Flat Wildlife Refuge @
      Lake Lowell have issued a Kite sailing  ban for this season. We would
      all like to see it lifted by the start of next season, April 15th of
      2010. But as I have stated from the beginning, it is currently
      "illegal" to kite sail there until an arrangement can be worked out
      otherwise. I would request that the kiters honor this ban until the
      process is worked out. We do not want to further agitate a sensitive
      situation with the Feds and possibly compromise the end result, which
      is lifting the ban.

      2) At the onset of this current official ban, I received some
      unwarranted back lash for stating the facts as they were presented to
      me from the Feds, which I did not appreciate. But this process
      actually started back in 2006. Not one kiter stepped up then, in
      response to several of my emails to the group about the information I
      was being given at that time, in the fall of 2006 and in the spring of
      2007, that kite boarding was not allowed on Lake Lowell. These emails
      are in the archives of this forum. Kiting continued since then and I
      believe that it is a factor in the existing official ban, that no one
      was listening to them. So now they have made it official.

      3) As we have now progressed into this challenge, through the efforts
      of Jon Bolt, current V.P., we are making some headway. But to continue
      we need to step up as a group and create a membership roster with
      names and address of all of the members of both user groups. It will
      be more valuable to have one representative working on this issue with
      the roster available to use, showing the scope of the group, rather
      that being hit from a multitude of people. I have talked with the
      presidents of CGKA, & CGWA, in Hood River about handling these types
      of challenges and this is the feedback I have received that they say
      works best.

      4) After the meeting w/ Crapo & the Feds, Steve Linane and myself were
      talking with Todd, the head Law Enforcement Officer, Todd first stated
      that he had a job to do, that he would enforce the ban with a talk
      first, a written warning second and a citation third. Taking a three
      strike approach. Then he "unofficially" stated that he would be
      willing to look the other way. This is when Jon Bolt walked into the
      conversation and took his statement to be official. I reiterated to
      Jon a short time later in the parking lot, that Todd was a law
      enforcement officer and has a responsibility to do his job and will.

      So when Jon wrote his letters to the Dear Flat People and Crapo's
      office, this "unofficial" statement that Todd made was presented
      repeatedly. I then realized to late to respond, that it was going to
      put Todd in a difficult position. I called Todd shortly after Jons
      letter had been received and asked for his response to the letter. He
      was a bit distant from when I had talked to him the other times, and
      made a short to the point statement, "I have a job to do and the ban
      will be enforced". So I believe that we have compromised our efforts
      at this point with Todd.

      To avoid this from happening in the future, we as a group, or an
      appointed section of the group, need to review any further letters or
      correspondence that goes out. And agree on the content in regards to
      the situation at hand.
      We need to have more group feed back to make this happen and to
      benefit our efforts.

      I hope our efforts on Monday's meeting will be a positive step

      Jim VanDerHeyden
      2009/2010 Boise Sailors Association President
      (209) 353-1855

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