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Re: Weather Station Pledges Received

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    Weather Station is Ready to go...But ACE is not returning my calls on telephone line to upload data....Try again Monday Latest pledges received from: $10 - Jim
    Message 1 of 22 , May 30, 2009
      Re: Weather Station Pledges Received Weather Station is Ready to go...But ACE is not returning my calls on telephone line to upload data....Try again Monday

      Latest pledges received from:
      $10 - Jim Bates
      $20 – Valerie Grimes & Steve Justus

      Account Balance: $146.62

      From: Eddy Petranek <geardaddyllc@...>
      Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 11:40:57 -0600
      To: Eddy Petranek <geardaddyllc@...>, Snowkiteidaho <snowkiteidaho@yahoogroups.com>, Boise Sailors <BoiseSailors@...>
      Conversation: Weather Station Pledges Received
      Subject: Re: Weather Station Pledges Received

      Weather Station is so close...waiting on phone line. Does any one have recent dialup account experience? Like which service is the best?

      Updated pledges 5/18/09 – Total Received - $419.23
      $10 – Russell Hadley
      $10 – Jon Bolt

      Beach party funds for Drinks, Snacks, and Garbage Sacks ($32.72)

      Account Balance: $116.62

      Items to pay for:
      ? - Shelf for PC in pump house
      ? - Monthly internet service

      ???Lightning Rods ???

      Special Thanks to Laptops Donated by:
      Billy McMaster
      Chris Lee

      If all works well we can add webcam next. But more funds will be required.

      I’ll be back next week to hook everything up.

      Asta La Vista,


      5/10 received pledges - $397.23:
      $10 - Jim Shultz
      $10.38 - Tom von Alten – Paypal Fees
      $19.12 - Joseph Woodland – Paypal Fees
      $10 - Jim Tighe
      $20 - Paul Wiggins
      $9.41 - Richard Caldwell – Paypal Fees
      $10 - Chris Philps
      $10 - J Jordan

      Weather Station Purchase - ($267.89)

      Items for remainder of funds - Balance = $129.34 (hey, we should be in the Black):
      • Monthly service - ?
      • Mounting equipment - ?
      • Keyboard/Mouse/LCD monitor - ?
      • Beach Clean Up Party - ?

      If no one has an objection, I recommend BSA should maintain an account with minimum $100 Balance for future expenses?
      The next president can pick someone to, or I can, maintain the open account. I propose we keep this open email policy on spending/receiving balances.

      I’m volunteering to maintain weather station, unless someone else would like that duty.

      Thanks to everyone who has donated...it is not to late to add your dollar to this mission.

      BSA Prez for one more week :-(
      It has been fun!!! And Many things have been Accomplished
      -Dock location
      -Relocation of Serpentina
      -Sign Relocation
      -Weather Station
      -Beach Restoration
      -Rock/Sand/Pebble Relocations

      I think the future of Barclay bay is looking Bright for our Sports.
      I can envision a Beach that goes out to the point with White sand.
      All it take is a little hope and determination.


      Weather station is at my house.  This is what has been received while I was gone. So the weather station is paid for. We still are short on received pledges to pay for monthly Service and Beach clean up party.

      Those who have promised and have not ponyed up yet???  You know who you are!!!

      5/5 received Pledges – Total $298.32
      $10 - Chris Nichols
      $10 - Jim VanDerHeyden
      $10 – Bill Hemphill
      $10 – Bruce Taylor
      $10 – Brian Gerhard
      $10 - Tom Cavaiani
      $10 - Guadalupe Perez
      $10.38 - Joseph Doyle – Paypal fees


      4/30 Received Pledges – Total $217.94

      $40 - Bruce Robb
      $20 - Dan & Jennifer Bond
      $10 – Chris Lee

      Update: Total collected = $147.94

      4/29/09 Payments received from:
      $19.12 - Jack Harrison  & Tom Codd– Paypal fees
      $20 - Kay Walston & Scott Cryder
      $10 – Betsy Russell
      $10 – Mark Westerdoll
      $10 – Mike Zolin
      $9.41 – Jason Brickner – Paypal fees
      $9.41 – Achim Hill – Paypal fees

      I’ll order the station hopefully next week. Thanks to all who have made Quick payments!
      The rest of you slow pokes ...step up ;-)

      I can also take paypal payments at epetranek@...


      Mail checks to:

      Eddy Petranek
      3256 E. Red Stone Dr.
      Boise, ID 83712

      4/27  - $60 total received
      $10 - Nickolas Hadjokas

      Pledges received as of 4/26 :

      $10 - Steve Linane
      $10 - Steve Baker
      $10 - Bill McMaster
      $20 - Eddy & Laura

      $50 - Total

      I’m posting for transparency!


      I will purchase unit once we hit $200 mark. I forgot to add in the $10/month dial up service fee to needed monies. (~$50 for 5 months) so this will come out of Beach party budget, if we get there.

      I propose we have the Beach clean up Party mid-May, and official annual transfer of powers to the next:
      Jim VanDerHeyden - President
      Jon Bolt – Vice President
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