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RE: [idahokiteboarding] ...help on kiteboarding ban at LL

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  • Jason Brickner
    Jon, WOuld love to help but will be busy with Eddy and the LP weather station. Let me know if there is some other way I can help. Good luck and good emails.
    Message 1 of 3 , May 2, 2009
      WOuld love to help but will be busy with Eddy and the LP weather station.  Let me know if there is some other way I can help.
      Good luck and good emails.

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      Subject: [idahokiteboarding] ...help on kiteboarding ban at LL

      All,  I am looking for 2-3 people to help with actions related to this ban.  Remember, this is not just about a ban of kiteboarding.  It's about engaging in the process that will evaluate all present uses and impose a whole new set of permissions and prohibitions, which can easily end up prohibiting windsurfing too if kiting is banned.  The similarities of the two are so great that if one is banned, the other is likely to also be banned.
      I'm looking for 1-2 people to help in a "kick-off" meeting with Deerflat management personnel, and for someone to compose an initial letter to our federal senators & congressmen and local state legislators, alerting them of this situation and seeking their assistance.
      First, with regard to a "kick-off" meeting.  Perhaps you've seen my last communication to the Deerflat personnel who have influence over this kiteboarding ban.  I've proposed such a meeting to introduce ourselves and further discuss this ban.  I'm looking for one or two more people who possess the characteristics described in what follows.  Meeting objectives would be:
      1)  Begin building awareness & relationship.  Make them aware we are not a Caldwell skater gang, but are mostly middle-aged professionals who are responsible, sensible, respectful citizens.  Brian Gerhard made the good point of not crossing the line from assertiveness to attitude.  The purpose would be to disarm any presumptions about our attitude while showing a serious intent to exercise our right to professionally and maturely challenge this questionable assertion of a ban.  For this purpose, I ask if one or two of our group, with the following characteristics, would participate with me in such a meeting.  I'd prefer at least one windsurfer, so we represent both forms of our common sailboarding passion.  I'm looking for chronological maturity to reinforce or surprise them with the age/maturity/ professional nature of our group.  Very important, too, I'm looking for individuals whose professions make them likely to be publicly visible, influential,  and experienced at dealing with government bodies.  I don't know all of you, so don't know who all may fit this last criteria, but as two examples, Mike Ferguson and Betsy Russell come to mind.  There are likely others.  Please identify yourselves.  Those of you fitting this criteria, please let me know if you're willing to figure out how to manage your time to help me in this kick-off meeting.  I'd like to try to do this meeting next week if schedules permit.
      2)  Understand more deeply the rationale and decision process behind this ban of kiteboarding.  Ask questions to get beyond the dogma: "nothing is permissible until it's approved".  They've seen it for years, never imposed a ban, but suddenly made a change.  What was behind that change and did they go through the procedures the public is entitled to demand before taking such action?  This part of the meeting would begin the process of understanding the situation,  looking for avenues to permit kiting until its inclusion in a longer term "allowable uses" process renders decisions about all uses, and testing the enforceability of the present ban if they show inflexibility.
      With regard to the second help request.  I'm looking for someone to compose a letter we can send to elected officials capable of helping our effort.  The letter would explain:
      - the issue that has arisen with LOCAL federal managers of a public asset,
      - the evidence of the ban being sudden, arbitrary, and unreasonable in the face of other permitted uses,
      - inform them this ban decision was made solely  by local refuge authorities, and therefore is locally changeable,
      - seek their help in allowing our reasonable and benign use to continue until it's inclusion in a longer term "allowable uses process" renders decisions about all present uses
      - ask for reply informing us what help they may be able to provide,
      - offer to meet to better inform them, if necessary, so they are better able to lend effective support.
      Someone would need to author such a letter, identify all appropriate elected officials, send out the letters, receive responses, and generally coordinate this part of the necessary outreach.
      As I've written this I realize we might benefit from a broader meeting to gather good ideas and plan/coordinate our response to this situation.  I'm sure I don't have all the good ideas or experience at how best to attack the situation.  However, such a meeting will take time to arrange, while the ban is already upon us.  I've taken the initiative to suggest a couple of obvious, quickly needed actions.  Nevertheless, I'm sure we can come up with a better response by pooling our collective wisdom and experience.  So, as someone I believe already suggested, at the upcoming Lucky Peak beach cleanup (has it been scheduled yet?), let's meet afterward to gather ideas and plot strategy for responding to this, coordinate our execution of this strategy, and distribute the work.  If we want to assure the ability for all of us to continue using Lake Lowell, you can see from this we are getting to the point where it cannot be left to just one person to do all that will be necesssary.  Changing policy of government entities, even local small ones, will not be easy.  I'm willing to play a strong role, but can't/won't try to do it all.  I'm looking for immediate help, and there will likely be more help needs identified later.  Please reply to me ASAP if you'll volunteer for the two immediate actions I've described above.

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