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Re: [snowkiteidaho] RE: [BSA] RE: kite boards need a sticker?

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  • Jon Bolt
    Eddy, Susan Kain (visitor services mgr @ LL) just got back from 2 weeks off day before yesterday. I was going to giver her a few days to get unburied then
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      Eddy, Susan Kain (visitor services mgr @ LL) just got back from 2 weeks off day before yesterday.  I was going to giver her a few days to get unburied then arrange a meeting next week to discuss face-to-face.  No reply to my emails.

      On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 6:44 PM, Gear Daddy LLC <geardaddyllc@...> wrote:

      5 boards, 2 sailboards, 2 wakeboards, 1 slalom ski, 1 boat, 1 ski tube, glad I got rid of the kayaks.

      I already paid $10 for the boat.  I think I’ll wait and see if we get busted. Not buying another sticker nor saying anything until then.

      The way I read it: IISF sticker prices are $10 for motorized vessels registered in Idaho, $20 for other motorized vessels, and $5 per non-motorized vessel over 10 feet.

      Most of us are riding toys less then 10ft in length. Let’s just stick to this wording. Maybe we are complaining to early...windsurfers I won’t say anything  if your riding an ole 13’ one design same goes for the other kiteboarders.

      Any word on Lake Lowell do we need to do something as a group?


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      Subject: Re: [snowkiteidaho] RE: [BSA] RE: kite boards need a sticker?



      OK I own 4 kiteboards and 5 sailboards  that's $45.00 . those mussels are latching on to my wallet

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      For me, the key question will be whether all wakeboards, waterskiis, and  tow-tubes require a sticker.  You can imagine those mussels latching onto  the webbing of a tow tube a whole lot more likely than a wakeboard.  But  will all these water toys require stickers?

      On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 5:36 PM, Jack Harrison <hyqual@...>  wrote:




      Here is a site with  some more information (sent to us by the tax “projection”  man)





      Per the Parks and  Rec, the law requires

      New Law

      Under the new  law, any boat that is registered in Idaho or another state, and any  non-motorized vessel (canoe, kayak, raft, drift boat, etc.) will be required  to purchase <http://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/stickerpurchase.aspx>  and  display IISF stickers in order to legally launch and operate in Idaho.  Inflatable, non-motorized vessels must be less than 10 feet in length to be  exempted from this requirement.

      A “board” is Not a  boat but could be a vessel?? At least some seem as a big as a  boat…..



      Either way, per the  FAQs…..


      Where  do the stickers get attached on nonrigid boats such as inflatable  rafts?

      A. Stickers can be slit with a  knife and attached to the vessel with a zip tie, plastic attachment, or  other similar mechanism. You may want to put a backing of some type on the  sticker to prevent it from tearing before slitting. You may also want to  consider having the sticker laminated into a hang tag or attaching the  sticker to a sturdy placard before attaching it to the vessel.  

      So, we can by one  sticker ($5 for the good of the cause), put on a hag tag and have it in our  possession. Or we can take our chances see what the judge says when we plead  “not guilty”


      Q. What if I do not purchase  the IISF Sticker?

      A. Boating on the waters of the  State of Idaho without displaying the required Invasive Species Sticker will  be a violation of Idaho Code Chapter 70, Title 67, Section 67-7008(A) ,  which has a fixed penalty of $57.00. A law enforcement officer could issue  the operator/owner of the vessel a Uniform Citation for violation of this  law. The operator/owner would have three options if issued a citation for  violation of this section; mail the citation to the County Court or Clerk’s  Office with the required $57.00, stop at the County Court Clerk’s Office and  pay the $57.00 in person, or appear in County Magistrate Court and plead not  guilty, requesting a Court Trial.




      Jack  Harrison, PhD, PE,  PH-GW




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      Subject: [BSA] RE: kite boards need a  sticker?




      67-7003 defines "vessel" as  broadly as one can imagine, exempting only a few particular items, and then  the catch-all of "such as inflatable air matresses, single inner tubes, and  beach and water toys." They didn't see fit to further define "water  toys."


      67-7040 lists vessels  specifically exempt from titling. See also


      • rowboats (manually propelled  by oars)
      • canoes
      • kayaks
      • drift boats
      • inflatable vessels  
      • rafts
      • barges
      • non-motorized paddle vessels  
      • sailboards
      • tenders
      • seaplanes
      • documented vessels  
      • vessels owned by the U.S. or a  foreign state or political subdivision
      • outboard motorboats 12 feet or  less in length

      It's not as direct as defining a  sailboard as a vessel, but it at least implies that. It does not list  "kiteboards" so lawyers can haggle about whether or not a "kiteboard" is a  "sailboard," I suppose. Are water skis and wakeboards vessels, or  "water toys"?


      Our esteemed Legislature has  acted in defense against invasive organisms, and by Betsy's account, we all  should chip in for whatever "things" we want to dip in Idaho waters, except  for those "small rafts and other inflatable vessels less than ten (10)  feet in length." Apparently the mussels have something against  inflatability? And if you have a big raft less than 10 feet in length, it's  not exempted.


      Perhaps an inflation nipple  would be a nice addition to my sailboard.


      And you kitesailors, looks like  you're going to have to keep those kites off the water unless you get a  sticker for them, too. Ouch.


      Welcome to your latest tax boys  and girls. And here I thought the Legislature was nothing more than a bunch  of clowns putting on a circus.


      Anybody want to take side bets  on whether the sticker moneys are put to useful effect? I'd love to think it  was possible (and I've been known to argue on goverment's side), but the  degree and duration of dilligence to protect our waterways from the invasive  mollusks is not something I believe our bureaucracy is actually capable  of.

      Tom von  Alten    http://fortboise.org/



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