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Re: [BSA] iWindsurf weather tracking

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  • Jon Bolt
    If iwindsurf s proposition is to provide a UI front end to our wind data, accessible with a paid subscription, I m not interested.
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 24, 2009
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      If iwindsurf's proposition is to provide a UI front end to our wind data, accessible with a paid subscription, I'm not interested.

      On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 10:42 AM, Tom von Alten <tva@...> wrote:

      I've been corresponding with George Haye of iWindsurf this morning, about their services and the Lucky Peak weather station. He's eager to advertise their stuff, and they're happy to include another sensor's data.

      Their business model has gone through twists and turns over the years, and at present it appears that they offer quite a bit of "free" functionality, funded by advertising... the only downside is that the animated ads are (a) annoying, and (b) rather amateurishly Web 1.0. (YMMV, but having their page up on my screen for very long feels like having ants in my socks. Tip: shrink your window to match the portion of interest and scroll as needed to crop the noise.)

      They've rolled a good search facility and Google Maps functionality in though: a search for "Lucky Peak Lake Idaho" takes you right to Barclay Bay, for example:

      Zoom out a couple notches (and pan to suit) and you've got a nice view of the SW region.  The Lucky Peak Nursery and Boise Air Terminal sensors are in view, along with the ITD sensors on Broadway and up at Hilltop, and a bunch more sensors sprinkled around town.

      From George's email:
      > ...the iWindsurf Desktop app is free, and over 99% of the wind
      > sensors' data available through the app are free, too. But as you
      > know our private wind sensors (such as in the Gorge) do require
      > a paid membership to see. This is necessary so that we can keep
      > maintaining them, etc. I'm sure you can appreciate the need for that.

      Southern Idaho regional view:
      (Use the "Dynamic map" link to get the GoogleMap features we know and love. Click on individual stations to pop up a time history:

      Tom von Alten   

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