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Re: [snowkiteidaho] Windsock and weather station

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  • Jon Bolt
    Eddy...I committed to helpf fund a year ago when this started off, so don t forget to count me in. Jon
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2009
      Eddy...I committed to helpf fund a year ago when this started off, so don't forget to count me in.

      On 2/27/09, Eddy <geardaddyllc@...> wrote:

      Well, either the new Camas windsock got blown away already or it is
      hidden behind the pole??? The last sock failed a the the swivel, to
      big of a sock (too much load), so I put a small one back up. the
      weather station says it is 10-15mph.

      Other Weather Station...Barclay Bay. I just turned in the license
      document to the Army Corp of Engineers, that signed away my "first
      born" to get the Weather Station placed. I'm fairly certain that,
      that was the final step. Well, final step with ACE, I hope!!!

      So, once I get the license in hand it will be time to collect the
      funds. I put the license under BSA but signed it by Gear Daddy LLC,
      for my own personal protection...if anyone has a problem with that,
      speak now so we can stop the process. I have nothing to gain by this
      and this will be public and not exclusive data.

      Right now, the weather station that Jason and I agree on is ~$300. we
      have found it cheaper else where but that is our temp budget. Jason is
      donating the PC and programming, so the rest of us can donate the cash
      or time. Basically 15 people donate $20 each, if extra is received we
      can go for a camera setup. To do a video feed we need a high speed
      connection and video camera. I'm working with a possible sponsor ...
      we will see.

      The other thing about the ACE license is that the BSA group is
      supposed to provide 50 hrs per year of volunteer time to the beach
      area we use. Basically we try to keep the beach clean and do
      improvements are selves. Not a Big Deal, 25 people show up for 2 hrs
      once a year or we say that we did thing... I'm assured by Joyce that
      we already do an adequate job.

      BSA President
      Gear Daddy LLC

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