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RE: [snowkiteidaho] Handy election links.

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  • Darrel Thomas
    I endorse voting early. I went yesterday, it took me all of 10 minutes. It s on barrister, the same building as the DMV. Open 8-5 mon -fri, thru mon the
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      I endorse voting early.  I went yesterday, it took me all of 10 minutes.  It’s on barrister, the same building as the DMV.  Open 8-5 mon –fri, ‘thru mon the 3rd.



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      No political opinons in this message, only info on voting:


      Don't know where you vote?  Go here: http://idahovotes.gov/


      The easiest place to find fair, unbiased information on candidates (in their own words!) is the Statesman's Voter Guide, where you can print out a ballot with your choices to take with you to the voting booth:



      You can vote early in every county in Idaho.  Info on that at Idahovotes.gov, too.




      You may have heard that we go to the polls on Tuesday.  Certainly you've heard about the presidential candidates, and the candidates for the US House and Senate.  But chances are you haven't heard much about the other races, and arguably these positions will have more of an effect on your everyday life than will the new Prez. or congress members.


      I'm not just talking about the state legislature, but also about the non-partisan races like County Commission, Ada County Hightway District and the new board of the College of Western Idaho.  The decisions these folks make decide what our towns, cities and roads look like, and how we move around in them.  The new CWI board will decide things like tuition rates, buildings, class schedules and the like.


      Your vote matters.  Lots.  Many of these races are won by only a small handful of votes (Rep. Chew (from the bench) won her race by a margin of SIX votes).  Get out there and vote Tuesday, November 4.


      (and if you want biased info on these races and on the great election night parties, drop me a line, I can show you where to find that, too ;)





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