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Re: [snowkiteidaho] Re: [BSA] Re: FW: Corporation registration

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  • Kay Walst6on
    yes..it was the 5013c that i was thinking about too.  Did them to start up programs with government grants which means....a lot of work and paperwork.  I
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 1, 2008
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      yes..it was the 5013c that i was thinking about too.  Did them to start up programs with government grants which means....a lot of work and paperwork.  I agree, don't think we need that....let's just stick with the LLC...then we're protected.
      let me know what you guys think.

      --- On Wed, 10/1/08, Jon Bolt <idakiteman@...> wrote:
      From: Jon Bolt <idakiteman@...>
      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] Re: [BSA] Re: FW: Corporation registration
      To: "Betsy Russell" <bzrussell@...>
      Cc: "Gear Daddy LLC" <geardaddyllc@...>, "Jim VanDerHeyden" <jlv@...>, "Boise Sailors" <BoiseSailors@...>, "Snowkiteidaho" <snowkiteidaho@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Wednesday, October 1, 2008, 1:14 PM

      Betsy, can you get us a copy of the non-profit form your group filled out & filed???

      On 10/1/08, Betsy Russell <bzrussell@gmail. com> wrote:
      I have been involved with the startup of a new nonprofit and I strongly recommend against trying to become a 501C3 or a 501 anything. Here's why: We had to become 501c3. It took a year and a half and thousands of dollars in legal fees, wrangling with the IRS, etc. This was four years ago and they were being very, very suspicious of new filings due, apparently, to concerns about terrorist ties.
          I don't think that's required for BSA. We also became an Idaho nonprofit corporation, which was a simple filling out of a form naming officers and paying  a fee (I don't remember the amount, but I don't think it was very much). Yearly renewals are free - we just fill out a card with any updates on officers or address and mail it in.

      On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 4:37 PM, Gear Daddy LLC <geardaddyllc@ gmail.com> wrote:

      I think We need to look at the 501c7  it is less stringent and complex

      http://members. aol.com/irsform1 023/misc/ comp501s. html

      More to follow soon

      On 9/30/08 12:42 PM, "Jim VanDerHeyden" <jlv@cableone. net> wrote:

      > Fun stuff guys...
      > Does anybody in the group know a lawyer... it's my understanding that
      > BSA needs to be a legal org. recognized by the state.
      > A 501C3 status as a non profit, tax exempt organization, would do the
      > trick. Many organized sporting groups use this status, it might be
      > worth checking into.
      > Jim V.
      > On Sep 30, 8:28 am, "Jason Brickner" <jasonbrick.. .@...> wrote:
      >> .. then there is the legal risks and taxes.  Why didn't they mention this
      >> earlier on.  Maybe we want to get iWindsurf to take this on.
      >> Good grief.
      >> -Jason
      >>   _____  
      >> From: snowkiteid.. .@yahoogroups. com [mailto:snowkiteid.. .@yahoogroups. com]
      >> On Behalf Of Steve Linane
      >> Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 8:07 PM
      >> To: snowkiteid.. .@yahoogroups. com
      >> Subject: Re: [snowkiteidaho] FW: Corporation registration
      >> I say we start looking for volunteers . a corporation heeds officers a
      >> President a treasurer and a sectary . if no one volunteers we give up on the
      >> project
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      >> From: Gear Daddy  <mailto:geardaddy... @...> LLC
      >> To: Snowkiteidaho <mailto:snowkiteid.. .@yahoogroups. com>  ; Boise Sailors
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      >> Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 4:15 PM
      >> Subject: [snowkiteidaho] FW: Corporation registration
      >> Ok guys,
      >> Now I need some help. A little frustrating I know...Tell me about it!!!
      >> A.C.E. needs our group registered as a corporation. All the paper work is
      >> complete for the wind meter, BUT our official group needs to be a
      >> corporation for the wind meter to be finalized (see email below).  I'm
      >> requiring some help to get this done.  So all those who have a bunch of free
      >> time not doing anything special????? I guess since I'm president I can
      >> dictate, Ask, Plead, beg someone to help make our group a corporation.
      >> Again this is only necessary if we want the wind meter. I'm happy with the
      >> current wind meters if we chose not to do this.  How much do we want a wind
      >> meter to make our group a corp? I'm sure there will have to be other
      >> official offices and documentation and fees.  I will continue to support the
      >> wind meter cause if others really want this.
      >> Please let me know if we should continue forward on this project. Please let
      >> your thoughts  or vote be known by Friday.
      >> Thanks
      >> Eddy Petranek
      >> epetra...@gmail. com
      >> 208-863-6966
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      >> From: "Morbach, David  J NWW" <David.J.Morb. ..@usace. army.mil>
      >> Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 13:29:30 -0700
      >> To: Eddy Petranek <epetra...@gmail. com>
      >> Cc: "Dunning, Joyce M NWW" <Joyce.M.Dunn. ..@usace. army.mil>, "Eskildsen,
      >> Robert D NWW" <Robert.D.Eskild. ..@usace. army.mil>
      >> Subject: Corporation registration
      >> Eddy:  I think you might have misunderstood my question on the authority to
      >> sign documents and the association itself.  Not a problem, we just need to
      >> get the Boise Sailors Association squared away as a legal entity.
      >> Our directives indicate that:  
      >> " Grants will not be made to unincorporated associations unless they are
      >> legal entities that can hold property, sue, and be sued under the laws of
      >> the state where the property is located."   (your association will be the
      >> grantee.  A license, permit, lease or easement is considered a grant)
      >> Your project is approved, but before we can execute the license your
      >> Association must meet the requirements of our regulations.  I apologize in
      >> that I may not have made this clear enough to you.  No hurdle we can't get
      >> over.  Give me a call and we can discuss further.  Thanks, Dave.
      >> David J. Morbach
      >> Realty Specialist
      >> Army Corps of Engineers
      >> 509-527-7326
      >> fax 527-7618
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