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Re: [snowkiteidaho] Re: LP is still open!!!

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  • Jon Bolt
    Antonio what happened today?????? I tried several times to pull the top tip of that 9m off the water so the kite d open up & catch wind...but seemed like LE
    Message 1 of 8 , Sep 17, 2008
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      Antonio what happened today??????
      I tried several times to pull the top tip of that 9m off the water so the kite''d open up & catch wind...but seemed like LE was underinflated and kite would fold flat too easy.  Then I saw you get out in channel w/ more wind and several times the kite'd come up but death spiral back into water?  Must've had a line entanglement? 
      Bring your 13 up tomorrow !!

      On 9/17/08, tony williams <tonyswilliams@...> wrote:


      Thanks again for the ride up to Brickner's and back to ramp.  Saved me some serious walking.

      Glad you had a good day.

      If you are serious about what you said to me earlier at the ramp, about the kite, let me know and we can discuss further.

      Ps if anyone picked up a slingshot kiteleash yesterday it was mine. Unfortunately I have a feeling some beach combers probably picked it up and disposed of it. Darn.

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      Tony were you not warned to leave that 9m at home??? :-0 Glad I could
      assist in your rescue.

      Anyway this morning was another great day. Hit the water around 9 and
      played til 10:30ish.

      Sunshine make it all worth while. Looks like the next 2 days are still
      good, and possible a third day in there.

      Over weekend we have a temp drop coming so that means a NW flow

      see ya tomorrow

      --- In snowkiteidaho@ yahoogroups. com, "Jon Bolt" <idakiteman@ ...> wrote:
      > "It is so warm when you hit the water around 9am, you guys are nuts
      to hit
      > it at 7, but I guess you gotta do it when you can...."
      > This morning about 7AM thermometer in my car read 48 in Harris Ranch
      > to 55 approaching Sandy Point and bumping up to 57 crossing the dam.
      > Sailing webpage reports for both LP and Boise Airport show from 7AM
      to ~9AM,
      > temp didn't go up by but 4-5 degrees. Got out on the water about 7:30AM
      > (just a few minutes after Tony's launch attempts) and what a pleasantly
      > agreeable surprise.... best calibrations: no finger numbness and not
      so cold
      > you're reluctant to try stuff that'll make you crash. Tony and I
      and the
      > Polesurfers out from 7:30-8:30 rode the primo wind of the day. Like
      > said, it was strong, but also WAY smoother and far more filled-in
      > than yesterday (yesterday I found frustrating because wind was so
      > jerky and punchy...couldn' t count on kite power holding steady for
      more than
      > a second or two...tough to feel like you could count on predictable
      > for enough time to do any tricks). Today I was on my 13m w/ power
      strap @
      > full juice all day and happily LIT-UP. Seems like it's been a LONG time
      > since I've been on wind of that quality at LP (has this season been
      > unusually weak up there?). Tony chose to leave about 8:30 no doubt
      > of work but also because it backed off. Stayed backed off maybe 45
      > or more (unfortunately with a little of that jerky holiness from
      > coming back to visit) then thankfully instead off turning off it
      picked up
      > again probably around 9:45, but sadly not as strong or smooth as the
      > 7:30-8:30 sweetness. Tomorrow don't wait until 9...it'll be even warmer
      > than today and you'll miss the good stuff.
      > ...and Tony...tomorrow don't bring your 9m .....
      > Jon

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