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  • Jason Brickner
    True Jim, I followed Tony W s advice and got up there later around 8:15AM. It looked great as I drove acrross the damn with Jim T. Bruce was ripping up the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2008
      True Jim,
      I followed Tony W's advice and got up there later around 8:15AM.  It looked great as I drove acrross the damn with Jim T.  Bruce was ripping up the canyon.  I ran up to Caviani Cove and started setting up.  THen I saw Jim NOT getting back up on his board and Bruce pumping to get back into to Barclay Bay.  I started feeling bad for myself and tought it wasn't going to happen today.  I kept on telling myself it would eventually come back so I kept rigging.  By 9:00AM I was debating whether to launch.  What the hell... I was ready to go.  So I struggled to get my kite launched in Brickner Bay for 15 minutes.  After rolling the kite throught the fifth line a few times, I finally got it up and hit the moderate but smooth wind.  With tangled and twisted lines I managed to have a lovely (best way to desribe it.... kinda a religious moment) time on the water.  Just me and Jim, the sun, warm water, cool breeze, and peaceful seagulls cruising the lake.  In the end I was glad I did it.  You've got to want it bad though.  Got about 40 minutes on the water then had to come back to the bay and pack up the muddy wet 15M Fuel.
      Hoping for tomorrow.
      P.S.  Did anyone see this!?!?!  Best Kiteboarding video clip I have EVER seen.
      LEN10_Gorge_2008_480p.mp4 [97.6mb]
      Did I tell you guys I ride the same kind of kite as him. ;-)

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      Yes today was good.  Short but good.  Be early and wait till “It” comes up and be ready.  I got there and saw the best of it while slowly rigging and watching.  Went out on the 100 litre board and got a couple of rides trying to get out of the Barclay Bay Hole.  Hit a big lull and couldn’t even water start.  Just when Bruce was coming in I got a puff to get up and in.  Debated about going back out but with Bruce’s encouragement (said something about my wearing a skirt), I let out some down haul and hit the water.  The go board and 6.0 was fun.  Sailed for quite a while.  Got way up canyon when it started to come down for the final buzzer.  Jason was doing well on his kite.  As I drove off he was just finishing packing up for the long hike out of Caviani Cove.  Cold fingers, but by late it was quite warm otherwise.  Tomorrow it” will come again! 


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        Hopefully there will be free rides Saturday morning.  If you have faith in the UNISYS BOI-meterogram, the forecast for Sunday looks even better with SE 10-15 at ~9am (lighter winds earlier & later)....if only I had more faith.  Sunday could be the end of my morning winds season this year unless it really heats up in October.


      Hope to see you soon....


      On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 10:40 AM, bruce robb <brucerobb@...> wrote:

      The wind seemed to jump up just before 8am today, with the sunrise
      boost. I was fully lit on a 6.2 ,(18-22 mph) for about an hour, then
      it backed off a bit. Somewhat difficult getting to the windline from
      the Barclay docks, a sizable lull there. Finally saw Jason, I think,
      hiking to his Cove and Jim T. trying to get to the windline. I came
      in, Jim put his GO board/6.0 combo on and appeared to be having a good
      time when I left, as well as Jason kiting.
      Not so cold today when the sun came up. Nick, Brian, came earlier but
      decided to try tomorrow instead. The Park Host came over and told me
      he's closing the Barclay ramps to boaters today, not to us.

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