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RE: [snowkiteidaho] Fay kiter

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  • Ryan Wait
    i was not lofted, nor was it invisible. i was taken out by a water devil at IRC. it was a very crappy on and off day 9-40mph. eddy had just gone in and i was
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 21, 2008
      i was not lofted, nor was it invisible. i was taken out by a water devil at IRC. it was a very crappy on and off day 9-40mph. eddy had just gone in and i was out alone. i was tacking up wind really powered up when all of the sudden my kite shot 30 feet up wind then started twisting back over my head. that is when i looked up wind to see a 15ft tall water devil coming straight at me. i instantly released the kite onto the single line release.  just as the devil hit me my kite slammed into the water. luckily! i figure that it was rotating around 45-50mph. if i would have tried to hang on i would have been 30+ ft up stuck in a rotating mass of air. scared the crap out of me and so i swam in, and called it a day.

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      In the spring, when we're out at Indian Creek or RCR, sometimes I wonder if we get hit with dust devils.  You know those times when your kite feels like it gets punched and then a minute later you can't keep it up.  Besides that time Eddy got the 30+ foot triple pump elevator ride jump, has anyone been lofted by one of these invisible 'dust devils'.  I heard the Fay kiter got hit by a developing water spout.

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      ...major scary....and on a 7m!!!....holy s...t
      That's why I really dislike flying in frontal system winds....

      On 8/19/08, Ryan Wait <ryanwait@hotmail. com> wrote:

      this guy Kevin is friends with my friend Billy Parker. A couple of his buddies were there when it happend. this guy has been kiting for at least for 4 years and is a really good rider. he was on  a 7m, had launched and was headed for the water when a 60-70 mph gust hit him, two of his buddies grabbed on to his harness as he lost control, but they could not hang on either and then wham the kite nuked him into the sky at which time the cameras began rolling.
      i hope new kiters pay attention to this as it could happen here just as easily. many times in idaho i have seeing winds go from good to super bad in a matter of minutes.   I personally watch J.B.  bounce off a metal post at the lucky peak launch area. it was a mini version of what happend to this guy in florida. Eddie, J bolt, and i were kiting at the snake river  4 years ago when it went from 15-20mph to 35 gusting 50. i was on a 14m, eddie was on a 16m. luckily good judgement and a watchful eye kept us safe. just as the last kite was on the ground major gusts came through that would have sent us to the moon.
       Most of us remember the stunt that B-rad pulled at cascade, thank god he lived. 
      moral of the story is.... watch the conditions(look up wind). Know your safety releases inside and out. you should have used it so many times that you can release it with your eyes closed while flying through the air backwards. 
      I am not sure how all kite bar release systems work, but the one thing i can say about my system is that it works dam well and i can easily release the kite from me.

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      Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 14:23:08 -0600
      Subject: Re: [snowkiteidaho] Fay kiter

      I thought the text of the story was kind of jolly too, but then on the BSA
      list, somebody posted a link to the news story with video:

      http://www.miamiher ald.com/466/ story/648099. html

      Major unhappiness for the guy, yanked into a building.  What's
      this talk about emergency releasing harnesses?  He apparently
      had one, but didn't pull the ripcord.
      ____________ _
      Tom von Alten http://fortboise. org/
      tva@fortboise. org

      On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 9:56 AM, Kay Walst6on <kaywalston@yahoo. com> wrote:
      haha...we're going to Corpus in 2 weeks in the middle of Hurricane season...maybe we'll have a Hurricane wind to kite by!...and then maybe I'll finally get up and STAY up!


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