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RE: [BSA] Re: wind meter and beach info

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  • Jason Brickner
    All Excellent points Jim, Now I know were that nail that went through my foot a couple years ago came from. Thanks for all your hard work. I also wanted to
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      All Excellent points Jim,

      Now I know were that nail that went through my foot a couple years ago came
      from. Thanks for all your hard work.

      I also wanted to let you know that about a month ago, Jon Bolt, Steve
      Linane, and I pulled weeds for about 45 minutes waiting for the wind to come
      up. Since then the weeds have gotten outta control. I brought a shovel
      last Saturday to pull more but the wind was great until 10:15AM when I
      finally got off the water. Then it was too late.

      I have kid duty after work today so I may haul them up and pull some weeds


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      Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 12:39 AM
      To: Boise Sailors Association
      Subject: [BSA] Re: wind meter and beach info

      Looks like some clarity is needed here;

      It appears that I am not up to date, what is the status of our "organized
      group" at L.P. When it was first formed there were four representatives, I
      volunteered to be one of the four. I have been active with a fair amount of
      the progress at the launch even before there was a group and spent a lot of
      time with Joyce working on the weather station details as well. I was one of
      the advocates of forming a group and directly involved with Joyce to bring
      it to this groups attention before there was a Boise Sailors Assoc. After
      reading eddy's email's it appears there is "one voice", of one kiter. There
      should be a voice of a windsurfer as well, actually now that there is such a
      balance of both at the site, there should be two from each user group
      involved to address the needs of each. And these four need to be in contact
      with each other and keep all the rest informed so that we can all continue
      to be involved and make decisions based as a "group", which was the original
      intent of forming this group. So that we would all speak through one or two
      rep's with ACE. There are still users in the group not connected to this
      forum, which makes our effort as a group less effective.

      Somebody set me straight here, who are the current four, I don't remember
      being asked to step aside. Correct me if I am wrong about this so I don't
      create any further confusion when I go to the ACE office to discuss issues
      with either Joyce or Keith.

      In my last email to this group, of which there has been no reply, I
      suggested a work party for Sat. the 28th along with a fair amount of
      information. I have now made other plans and will not be available, heading
      to the Gorge for a week, so it's in who ever's hands. Quite honestly the
      launch is a mess, weeds have been taking over (goat heads galore, this is
      bad news!, and to top it off the area can not be sprayed because it is a
      public beach), other than my self I have seen one other person, Jack,
      pulling weeds. Maybe I am not around enough to see any body else helping to
      manage the site, but I have to say this, I have not seen a kiter do a thing
      at this site to manage the area.
      (Sorry Jack, but you just recently crossed over, so it's a fair statement).
      We are way over due to have had a work party, the pile of sand and gravel is
      right in the middle of our access from the rigging area and the launch and
      its now the end of JUNE, it has made it difficult to navigate our rigs and
      to pass by each other when needed.
      We also need more gravel, its thinned out up on the roadway, and it needs to
      be filled in straight down to the water. Sand needs to be spread to the west
      towards the dock area and away from the access area. With a little effort
      from everyone, all users, we can continue to make this a really nice launch
      and keep it that way. But it requires a little effort from each of us when
      we are there, even if it's not an organized work party.

      Sorry to ramble on here, but I have truly enjoyed watching this site evolve
      since I began to sail here in 2000. It' an incredible site, and I personally
      like to see it maintained. Back in 2002 or 2003 I found "nails" everywhere
      along the access. I started to pick them up by hand one day and there were
      to many. I came back the next time to sail and brought my nail magnet, that
      I use to clean up nails on job sites, and a box. I did this for three days
      and pulled several hundred nails up out of the dirt. They came from the
      pallets that were being burned by the late night parties that used to go on
      there before the area became organized better by ACE. Not to toot my horn or
      any thing here, I know others have done as much and more to make it a nice
      launch for us all, and I want to thank all of you for doing so.


      JIm V.

      On Jun 24, 10:07 pm, Gear Daddy LLC <geardaddy...@...> wrote:
      > I'm forwarding this to the groups so that everyone can kinda know
      > what's going on. I really did not have a lot of info until lately.
      > Eddy
      > > Keith,
      > > Thanks for the reply. I don't know how the weed pulling party went,
      > > I had other obligations on Saturday that did not allow me to stay
      > > very long. It was a good day, 10 windsurfers and 10 kiters had fun.
      > > I get back to a normal schedule Wednesday afternoon and will get
      > > your questionnaire filled out. I will go to the site ASAP and get
      > > pictures and draw up a description of what the wind meter will look
      > > like on the roof.
      > > I will let the groups know that we are working on the beach
      > > situation and fill them in on details as they rise. I will also let
      > > them know that it is not necessary for extra voices to bother you
      > > guys.
      > > If more work is needed on beach I will arrange the clean up again, I
      > > will see it later tomorrow.
      > > Thanks again for all your help.
      > > Eddy
      > > Boise Sailors/Kiters Association
      > > On Jun 24, 2008, at 3:42 PM, Hyde, Keith B NWW wrote:
      > >> Eddie,
      > >> I got your voicemail. Here are the questions I believe Joyce meant
      > >> to attach. Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything
      > >> further to move this along. This form is a "MUST" for any action
      > >> of this sort.
      > >> Also, on a side note, we're hearing a small chorus of voices these
      > >> days regarding the wind surf / kite surf area projects instead of
      > >> your fine tuned tenor solo. You might want to send a little
      > >> reminder to your club about funneling concerns and contacts through
      > >> you.
      > >> Any word on the weed pulling work day planned for this Saturday? I
      > >> was going to try to round up a handful of SILD folks (work release
      > >> crew) to assist, but haven't heard any further details as yet...
      > >> Thanks. KH
      > >> -----Original Message-----
      > >> From: Dunning, Joyce M NWW
      > >> Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 4:46 PM
      > >> To: 'EDDY PETRANEK'
      > >> Cc: Hyde, Keith B NWW
      > >> Subject: RE: Weather Station at Barclay Bay RV Site for public Use
      > >> Eddy,
      > >> Here's an update.
      > >> I submitted the group's written proposal to our Real Estate office
      > >> along with my recommendation for acceptance of the plan and
      > >> equipment for a five year license. Qwest estimates the additional
      > >> phone will be approx. $40 monthly once activated. I have suggested
      > >> the government off-set any fees in exchange for annual volunteer
      > >> hours at the Barclay Bay Recreation Area.
      > >> Earlier this week Dave Morbach, our Real Estate specialist was on
      > >> site.
      > >> Among other projects, he reviewed yours and visited the site of the
      > >> proposed equipment.
      > >> There is an additional paper exercise he has asked me to have you
      > >> complete, see attachment. You can address each question directly
      > >> under the question on the form. It is a standard questionnaire
      > >> they are using, so if the answer is N/A, that's fine. It is best
      > >> to address each question even if it is N/A so they know you have
      > >> considered the question.
      > >> Return the questionnaire to me (email will be easiest) and I will
      > >> review and forward to Dave. If you need help with maps, let me
      > >> know that and I can assist you with one from our master plan.
      > >> I will be out of the office next week, but checking email.
      > >> Regards,
      > >> Joyce
      > >> -----Original Message-----
      > >> From: EDDY PETRANEK [mailto:epetra...@...]
      > >> Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 12:02 PM
      > >> To: Dunning, Joyce M NWW
      > >> Subject: Weather Station at Barclay Bay RV Site for public Use
      > >> Joyce Dunning,
      > >> Attached you will find a pdf document explaining the type of
      > >> weather station facility our user group would like to provide and
      > >> connect at the Barclay Bay RV site. This station will provide
      > >> weather conditions at this site for any internet user who wishes to
      > >> see current conditions.
      > >> Thank you so much for all your help, EDDY PETRANEK
      > >> (208) 863-6966
      > >> epetra...@...
      > >> <Env questionaire.doc>
      > > (208) 863-6966
      > > epetra...@...
      > Gear Daddy LLC
      > (208) 863-6966
      > geardaddy...@...
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