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RE: [BSA] Re: Windy morning

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  • Jason Brickner
    Good news.... Once this happens, let s take the next step. -Jason ... From: BoiseSailors@googlegroups.com [mailto:BoiseSailors@googlegroups.com] On Behalf Of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2008
      Good news.... Once this happens, let's take the next step.


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      It looks like the license will go through for the wind meter by next week.

      Jim V.

      On Jun 20, 11:55 am, Jim VanDerHeyden <j...@...> wrote:
      > I stopped by the ACE office this morning on my way back home. I talked
      > with Kieth about the site, asked about several issues. The concrete
      > will be finished up by Tue. of next week at the handicap shelter. He
      > is going to go up and look at the rocks the contractor is piling up
      > along the slope to the beach, they could be good for erosion, but if
      > anybody else has a good reason that they should not be there let him
      > or Joyce know. Once the pad area is finished he will get a skid steer
      > or back hoe to move & spread sand & gravel. He is going to call the
      > labor unit to get about four to five guys up there to help us with the
      > sand & gravel, but mostly with the weeds throughout the whole area. I
      > suggested next Saturday am 6/28 would be a good time to have a work
      > party and go at it all at once. We've got a week to get organized. I
      > also put in a request for another load of gravel, well see what
      > happens.
      > Jim V.
      > On Jun 20, 10:58 am, "Betsy Russell" <bzruss...@...> wrote:
      > > There was plenty of wind up at Lucky Peak when I showed up this
      > > morning, and Chris Lee was flying up-canyon on his 5.0. I rigged a
      > > 5.0 and hit the water about 6:45, but about 7:15 some thin clouds
      > > covered the sun and it got holey. Several sailors headed in,
      > > underpowered, but I was still going good until about 8, as were
      > > several kiters. Then as I came in, the sun cleared most of the
      > > clouds and the guys headed back out; as I drove across the dam at
      > > 8:30 I could see Jim T. out ripping and catching air in the weird, wild
      chop that we had today in the main pool of the reservoir.
      > > Jack H. and Jim V. have noted that some pretty gnarly
      > > puncture-thorn weeds are starting to take over our beach, and Jack
      > > suggested that tomorrow after sailing - because it does look like
      > > it'll be good tomorrow morning, too - we all do some weed-pulling.
      > > We should bring trash bags, gloves, maybe shovels and rakes, and we
      > > can clear out the area at the east end of our launch and keep the
      > > weeds from taking over. We'll leave the construction area alone, of
      > > Betsy
      > > P.S. For the guy with the sailboat, I'd guess there'll be good east
      > > wind up there much of the day today, and he could launch at Turner...
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