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Re: [snowkiteidaho] sitting very heavy on kites

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  • Jon Bolt
    Yeah, that trick works IFyou happen to notice (before you punch the send button) the reply didn t get addressed to the sender (as would normally be expected),
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 2, 2008
      Yeah, that trick works IFyou happen to notice (before you punch the send button) the reply didn't get addressed to the sender (as would normally be expected), but to the receiver.

      On 6/2/08, Gear Daddy LLC <geardaddyllc@...> wrote:

      Trick ...Copy and Paste 



      On Jun 2, 2008, at 8:05 AM, Jon Bolt wrote:

      DARN IT, SORRY FOLKS...that last message was supposed to go only to Ryan Waite....GMAIL has no recall capability or I would use it.
      I hate it in gmail when a single sender sends a message to snowkiteidaho or BSA, and you hit the reply button to that message, the reply goes to snowkiteidaho...NOT to the original sender.  Do the other email clients out there do this too or is it just gmail?




      Gear Daddy LLC
      (208) 863-6966





    • Jon Bolt
      Thanks for feedback Ryan...you lucky dog...have great time in OBX !! If you don t notice that you have to tug against the downward force exerted by the kite
      Message 2 of 8 , Jun 2, 2008
        Thanks for feedback Ryan...you lucky dog...have great time in OBX !! 
        If you don't notice that you have to tug against the downward force exerted by the kite just to keep it parked, or when you blow a trick w/ kite @ side of window and kite dives even though you have even bar pull on each hand, then they probably don't have the bias.  It's not a gravity thing.  Bows aren't any different in weight than C-kites and C's absolutely don't do it.  And it's not a subtle thing that I feel.  Some bow's/SLE's are worse than others, but it's a definite "ugh, I have to steer (tug) it away from the water just to keep it parked" feel.  Let me know what Parker and Hadlow say.  Here's the kite's I've flown that do this: The North Rhino '07, North Rebels, Cabrinha Crossbow '06 & Contra 07, Airush Halo '06...and I know there's others I can't remember.  If these guys have flown a bow they'll know what I mean I think.
        When you get back I'd like to try one of your Stonker boards.  Thanks for the offer of letting me try one of your kites.  I may take you up on that if I don't get these first.

        On 6/2/08, Ryan Wait <ryanwait@...> wrote:

        Hey Jon thanks for the questions. As far as flight bias, i would have to say that i dont really notice it. however the real issue is gravity, LEI kites are heavy compared to PL's. so i think you are more sensative to it than i am. I would be more than happy to loan you a kite so you can check them out. As far as my prices go i am only asking what i paid for them, and in some cases less for the 07's. I just got to hattaras and i am really excited to ride with billy parker, and Aaron hadlow among others. i will asks them about your questions.
        check out this new video at www.hadlowpro.com it is more than crazy tricks and huge air, its a work of art.
        By the way i am getting good feed back on the stonker boards, if anybody wants to ride one let me know.
        be back june 9th

        To: snowkiteidaho@yahoogroups.com
        From: idakiteman@...
        Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 07:53:49 -0600
        Subject: Re: [snowkiteidaho] sitting very heavy on kites

        I have the opportunity to pick up like new no repairs/leaks ion2 12.5 and 8.5 each with bar setups, whole package for $750.  Seems a pretty terrific price.  But, I have my 12m Eclipse Thruster which is barely used, so I'd unload it if I liked the Flexi's rather than hunt for and hope to like an 8 Thruster, 9 nano or 10 chameleon.  BUT, I've never flown a Flexi so don't know how they behave, so before considering serious action, I have a question.  The thing I've disliked most about virtually every "bow" I've flown and many SLE's is that when they're anywhere other than straight overhead they have a bias to want to fly to the water...the strength of that bias varies from make to make, but it's been there on virtually every one I've flow.  When parked at the side of the window and you're crusing on a long reach, the more power the stronger their pull to dive to the water.  You have to exert away-from-the-water tug on the bar to offset their bias.  Doesn't matter which direction you're traveling.  When going toeside and you want to just park it, you have to be steering up with your one bar hand to have it stay parked.  A moments inattention and they head down...some faster/stronger than others.  If you blow a trick and get disoriented, even bar pressure feel would normally tell you the kite is stationary, but with this bias it usually means its really diving to the water.  The first Crossbows & Contras did that, Steve's Halos did that, North bows of all types still do...I've flown a lot and most all do this.  So my question is: do ION 2's do that to any degree (my Eclipse Thruster doesn't).
        Also, I'm not trying here at all to coax a lower price out of you for any of your gear, nor wanting to engage in negotiating for your gear.  I'm just looking for info just as when you were looking for info on Stonker boards.  I've been going in the direction of finding a smaller Eclipse kite to go w/ my 2007 12m Thruster.  But I just won't spend $1000-1400 on a new kite and lose half that value right after opening the box...and then find I don't like it, or worse yet, go tear it up in our harsh local conditions (that's one thing I really like about my PLs...even up here it's hard to tear them up...nicking them on sagebrush or tree or sharp rock or asphalt rarely does anything, no bladders to screw with, and I have to do something pretty catastrophic to merit a patch [which has happened up here of course but would've torn the snot out of any LEI]).  Anyway, I've had my eye out for near-new late model used stuff that's far down the 'depreciation' curve.  I'll let somebody else that wants & can afford the up-to-the-minute lastest stuff eat the depreciation to get the latest buzz.  To me its not worth it.  There is so much near new stuff on iKitesurf and on ebay it's clear I'll find something.  So at this point I am just exploring options that have arisen, and this pair came along.  What can you tell me about ION 2's and flight bias?  If I park them in cruise position, is there any 'it wants to dive to the water' pull that the rider has to compensate for?  Have you experienced what I'm talking about with other kites so you know what I mean?

        On 5/22/08, Ryan Wait <ryanwait@...> wrote:

        Hey fellow kiters. I have a ton of Flexifoil kites/boards right now and need to move some. i really enjoy having a 9 kite/4 board quiver, but i don't really need this much stuff. all of my stuff is used, but in perfect shape.
        2007 14.5m Ion2 complete = $800
        2008 12m Atom complete   =$999
        2008 10.5m Ion3 complete =$1250
        2008 9m Atom  complete   =$899
        2007 8.5m Ion2 complete  =$700
        2008 5m Atom  complete   =$750 
        2008 Alpha 144cm x 44cm.   =$450
        2008 Delta  139cm x 41.5cm =$470
        2008 Stonker 139cm x 42cm = $399
        2008 Stonker 135cm x 41cm = $399
        1983 Bic 175cm = $3.47
        Plus if anybody wants to demo anything let me know.
        I am the Idaho distributor for Flexifoil and Stonker boards, so if you have and Questions let me know.

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