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Wind report Saturday May 17

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  • Jon Bolt
    Indicators on TVA website looked iffy at 6AM...good high pressure, SE @ Boise A/P but decreasing speed each hour down to 3, no E or SE in Caldwell (calm),
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2008
      Indicators on TVA website looked iffy at 6AM...good high pressure, SE @ Boise A/P but decreasing speed each hour down to 3, no E or SE in Caldwell (calm), northerly in Mtn Home.  Despite iffy-ness and yesterday's fearful water temp report from Jason's MEAT THERMOMETER (does that conjure up a vivid image or what?), went out to have a look & took gardening tools to weed the beach area just in case.  Arrived almost 7AM.  According to car thermometer, air temp all across Harris Ranch 48, but crossing the dam it read 60 !!...that's a 12 degree increase and 5-10 degrees above the temps across downtown (50-55).  I've noticed this before many times, but can't remember such a large increase.  This says to me our morning winds are like Southern California "Santa Anas", which are drainage winds that originate in cold, high altitude, high pressure Great Basin areas, and heat up due to adiabatic heating as they spill out of the SoCal passes and descend to toward sea level (29F increase per mile of descent) .  Our winds don't get so hot as Santa Ana's, but they haven't dropped to near sea level either.(if they did, based on Boise's elevation they'd heat another 15F or more).  Although they are 60 at the dam, my theory is they are relatively small in volume compared to the total mass of valley air and their high temperatures dilute rapidly as they emerge from the canyon mouth and mix with colder valley air.  OK, enough of the weather lesson....I was just surprised by the amount of heating from town to the dam.
      Crossing the dam, I was truly amazed to see whitecaps across the whole reservoir...and fairly densely spaced.  I could tell in an instant it was 13m or 10m kite stuff.  Many windsurfers were rigging as I arrived, and a couple already on the water.  I walked to the water and did the tiptoe test....hmmm....not as bad as I anticipated...really not THAT bad.  Setup my 13m as Jason arrived.  Launched and played until 8:40.  Full mojo for first hour...lots of fun big WAHOO air.  Jason & I only kiters, probably 8 or more windsurfers.  Jason on 15m SS choked w/ 5th line early I'm sure.  Nice airs Jason....you definitely gettin' the hang of it.  Consistent, quite steady, not holey or punchy (once you got away from Barclay Beach flukiness)...very nice...what a great surprise !.  Super quality wind....WAY above average for LP in my view...just wish the strength lasted longer.  Eased up about 8:15am when most windsurfers came in.  From then until 8:40 it eased more and got holey.  Big dead area wind hole around Barclay when returning...not a slam dunk getting back to shore when you hit that.  Regarding water temp, I did have booties but no gloves or hood, and it was cold enough I sure didn't wanna try tricks that might cause me to spend time in the water dragging back to my board!  Water was warm enough, though, that for this season we have 'game on' at LP folks....see you there tomorrow !!
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