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Re: [snowkiteidaho] Friday Morning Lucky Peak

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  • Jon Bolt
    Thanks for report Jason...that s why I didn t go up. Not wild about freezing my meat.... Jon
    Message 1 of 2 , May 16 7:56 AM
      Thanks for report Jason...that's why I didn't go up.  Not wild about freezing my meat....

      On 5/16/08, Jason Brickner <jasonbrickner@...> wrote:

      Quick Update...
      Decided to head up to Lucky Peak before work this morning.  I brought my gear since all wind indicators looked great.  I also brought a meat thermometer to measure the water temp.  As I drove up the canyon, the wind looked OK.  Thought it would have been stronger based on what the Nursery RAWS indicated 12 G19.  I got up to the spillway and measured 18-22mph.  Air temp was 55F.  Already two windsurfers out on the water.  Took another wind reading at the parking lot and it was hovering right at 15 G18.  Two sailors were out on 6.5's and 7.0's.  Jim was busy rigging.  Looked powered for the most part.  Looked like some holes downwind, but up in the canyon someone was tearing it up.  No Kiters.  Decided to measure the water temp.  I stuck the meat thermometer in the water and it instantly read 50F.  I realized the meat thermometer doesn't read lower than 50F.  I would guess the water is between 48F and 50F.  It was COLD.  Based on the water temp, and the fact there were no other kiters, and the wind seemed "iffy", I decided to leave.
      See you all tomorrow morning.

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