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Weather station Update

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  • Eddy @ Gear Daddy LLC
    We all really appreciate the research Jim has done. Working with anything government related is time consuming. I, like others, want something sooner than
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2008
      We all really appreciate the research Jim has done. Working with anything
      government related is time consuming. I, like others, want something sooner
      than later and willing to pay for it now!

      I agree it would be nice to have a RAWS station up there that is reliable
      and maintained by others. But that type of station is expensive and would
      need the outside funding. The station that Jason has researched is much less
      expensive but I would not call it cheap. However, it is much higher quality
      then the station I have at my house that has been running for 5 yrs. It
      would be great to have a RAWS and our station up there b/c of the typical
      technical issues that come with projects like this. So let's not give up on
      a RAWS!!!

      I have to get a letter of intention written up in order to use the pump
      house and RV hut for the base station of the wind meter. It is correct about
      the roof acting as a ramp and compressing the wind on the meter. This will
      probably throw the gauge off by 10%, however the land mass (boat ramp)
      itself is a bigger ramp and it will throw the gauge of by +20%. This is
      something we will have to compensate for in our own heads unless we can
      write the software to scale down the reading???

      As far as lightning protection, I don't think "L. Rods" do much. If the
      building gets hit; then they have bigger issues, and that building is a
      lightning rod by layman definitions. I planned on just a small pole above
      the roof to support the station maybe 3' tall, but will work on a taller
      station pole with guy wires. Pole could be made out of sch 80 pvc and we
      would get 10 years out of it. Far longer then I would expect station to
      last, and by that time maybe a RAWS will be constructed. It is also feasible
      that we take the station down at end of season to prolong its lifespan.

      Jason has the expertise to connect a computer he is donating. CPU will be
      located in pump station and get the info out to websites of choice. The idea
      to put on a camera was brought up and Jason also said "No Problem!"

      I'm working with Keith and he mentioned all kinds of past attempts and what
      he thought was going on. A.C.E. has no real interest in putting up station,
      so if we want a wind reading then it is up to us.

      So far, with all the pledges I have received we should have enough funds
      with what has been pledged. It would be nice to have everyone put in the
      minimum (~$25 or any amount), so that we all contribute equally. I will
      still need a few more pledges to get the funds (with the minimum pledge), so
      if you want to help out please let me know. If we cannot get everyone to put
      up; I will still hope that I can fall back on some of higher and very
      generous pledges if needed.

      Thanks everyone,

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      Update on weather station situation...

      In getting back to previous emails that I have forwarded last year.
      The waterways funding group denied even the possibility of getting a
      grant after I spent severals hours in the grant writing workshop last
      fall. So that is a no go situation. I met Keith then and we discussed
      other funding options, ie other grants... but I have not had the time
      to get back to him since then.

      From all of the research that I have done so far, an inexpensive
      station will not be ideal. There will be more maintenance issues over
      time on less expensive stations... which will cause funding issues as
      well. Secondly sitting to low to the roof will not give an accurate
      wind reading, it will act like a ramp. It would require a tripod base
      and extension of at least five feet above the roof top to be accurate.
      This creates a problem, it becomes a lightning rod... just like the
      previous station that was mounted on the dam that was removed because
      it got hit to many times by lightning and cost $800.00 to fix each
      time it was hit. SO, we would need a lightning rod or two to protect
      the station. The stations I found that were the most reliable and
      required the least amount of maintenance were in the $3,000 to $5,000
      range. Very expensive.

      I talked with Joyce early in the summer about getting access to power
      and a phone line at the host station and she gave us permission at
      that time. I then talked with the people at Weather Underground last
      summer and they have software that will send the information from the
      station to there web site and post it for free. But we would need a
      computer, modem and router to do so. I then talked with Joyce again at
      the end of last summer about the possibility of using the pump house
      next to the host station for housing the equipment and she agreed.

      So, the question is, funding to purchase and install the equipment, as
      well as maintenance costs over time.

      My next step was to find out if the Gov. would install a RAWS at the
      dam, with lightening rods to protect it this time. It would solve
      everything. But I have not done any further research into this option.
      Keith would be the next step.

      Later, Jim V.

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