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RE: [BSA] Re: Indian Creek

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  • Jason Brickner
    Jon, The kiting in Cozumel was great. I ll give you more details later. The wind was between 18-22mph. The wind was almost directly onshore. The waves were
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      The kiting in Cozumel was great.  I'll give you more details later.  The wind was between 18-22mph.  The wind was almost directly onshore.  The waves were about 4-6ft but VERY frequent.  I had my ass handed to me more times than I can count.  I never did get outside the break. spent the whole time on the inside playing in the small waves and breakers.  Couldn't jump.  Took everything I had to stay upwind off the beach.  Water was very WARM. No wetsuit or shorty needed.  Mexican lifeguards were AWESOME.  I dropped my kite in the waves 3 times and they cruised over on their 4 wheeler to make sure I was ok each time.  2 hours out by myself and then 2 hours more at a beach further north with 3 others.  One guy is turning pro (Adam Worthington).  I was on the east side of the island facing Cuba.  The people are awesome.  Great taco/beer stands along the way.  Even had time to stop by the Agave/Tequila farm in the middle of the island.
      Overall, great wind (speed), awful direction (Directly onshore), decent launch at first beach, small beach with road downwind at second beach, nice waves, but too frequent, incredible water and beach (Water 83F, Air 88F) great lifeguards.  I would liked to have explored more of the island but only had the day. WHAT A DAY!!!  I sure feel lucky.
      Contact Raul and Paco when in Cozumel.  They'll hook you up...   info@...
      Can't wait to hit our favorite mudhole (ICR) soon.  I'll be dreaming of those turquoise waters and white sand beaches.

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      Dude...don't keep us in suspense.  How was the kiting in Cozumel?  Inquiring minds want to know....!

      On 4/11/08, Jason Brickner <jasonbrickner@...> wrote:

      Hello Rich....

      Exciting times!!!!  After kiting in Cozumel last Saturday, I'm ready to hit
      the water again.

      Is there abundant water flowing into Indian Creek?  Seems like there is
      never any water coming down Indian Creek from the North under the
      interstate.  However, I did see water flowing into the reservoir from a
      small stream to the west.  Where is the real feed?

      Did you take a water temp reading?

      -Jason Brickner

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      Good sailing at Indian Creek today on my Go 200.  Water was cooooooooooold!
      ..might of been manageable without holes in my gloves.  Looks to be about
      half way filled and weeds weren't a bother,...yet.


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