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RE: [snowkiteidaho] got used gear?

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  • john perry
    i also have a 140 snow board with bindings if wanted for a kid if u guys have any kids its goin for 75 $ Gear Daddy, LLC wrote:
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 6, 2005
      i also have a 140 snow board with  bindings if wanted for a kid if u guys have any kids its goin for 75 $

      "Gear Daddy, LLC" <geardaddy@...> wrote:
      I've got an 05 Frenzy 14m with one small repair. I've done the power turning mod to the bridle and it works really well. $800.
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      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] got used gear?

         Hey everybody, i'm looking to buy my first traction kite.
      I will likely get an 05-06 frenzy 12 or 14m soon but i want something a
      little smaller to practice on.  Used is cool.  I'm a big guy so i dont
      want to go too small on my first kite (250 lbs. with skis n' pack)  So,
      if you got some cool old gear you'd unload, please let me know about
      it.  I got a handful of friends around here who likely would also be
      interested in some used stuff.  Thanks.  Also i started
      snowkitecolorado@yahoogroups.com  if you know of anyone down this way
      please let them know about us. I would love to see our group grow into
      something as useful as yours...


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