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RE: [snowkiteidaho] Looking good

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  • Darrel Thomas
    Well Steve, I wasn t gonna make you jealous, but.. since you asked. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went in search of the Mythical River of Wind at the end
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 19, 2008

      Well Steve, I wasn’t gonna make you jealous, but.. since you asked…


       IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      We went in search of the  “Mythical River of Wind” at the end of the Camus res. But that river was all dried up…


      Looked at the spot E of the Res, but we just weren’t sure where it would blow and where it would be dead…


      So, like usual, we hit “last Chance”  Wind was good, snow was brutal.  Met a couple guys from OR that had been out all weekend and loving it every day.  Did some monster boosts of the hill and the cornice.  Had some hard landings, so opted to explore.  I summitted the hill up wind (East) from the end of the ridge.  I will have to check if it has a name…  THAT was WAY cool!  It was a very challenging climb going up hill/up wind, with plenty of trees to maneuver around.  From the top, I looked down the backside into this HUGE bowl of terrain and was blown away.  Then I realized I have kited there when I have gone South from the Hysterical site. Small world… J got some epic shots of me on my hill, a guy from UT on the BIG peak down wind, and Eddy jumping some tree or something mundane like that. J


      Truth be told without skis, it woulda sucked…


      Next time!




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      Ryan looks like you got a taste of paradise makes me wont to move !

      So Darrel , Eddy how was it today ?.

      Saturday calling for 18 plus from the east in the camas . hope they are rite

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