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Re: [snowkiteidaho] How was it

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  • tony williams
    Ok Dave as a newbie out on your first day of snow you are allowed some leeway but stating that Darrell was 20 feet up on the 9m is pushing the limit of
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      Ok Dave as a newbie out on your first day of snow you are allowed some leeway but stating that Darrell was 20 feet up on the 9m is pushing the limit of reasonable BS. I don't remember seeing anything close to that but maybe that was because from my height I was getting on my 14 he looked closer to the ground. lol

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      Well from the newbies perspective:

      Wind was gentle at times, steady sometimes, and gusting at others.  We all were switching through new/old big/small kites, and just playing.   Snow was about 4" deep,  I badly scratched up the ptex on the bottom of my "new" (24 bucks at a pawn shop, 7 years old, but new) skis, lots of gouges, I've never done that kind of damage to a ski before, even after a season of use!  but oh well, these are trash skis, just for this purpose.  rewax, and call it good.  none-the-less, it was doable... eddy and others were up on the hills, doing tricks, eddy was jumping the road (on a 15 meter that was working him!), and all kinds of crazy stuff.  Darrell was catching some serious air on a 8 or 9 meter kite... we was like 20-25 feet up, with smooth landings always :)

      Somehow I managed to loose my rock climbing harness between home and the snow kite spot, no idea what happened to it, vanished.
      So I used my hip belt on my back pack!  It worked, but it kept coming up under my armpits :)

      I had the entire family in tow, so I bailed after about 2 1/2 hours, I think those guys stayed much later.


      On Dec 2, 2007 8:24 PM, hawkicd11 < hawkicd11@yahoo. com> wrote:

      how was the first sesh at Camas today. Were the flats do-able?

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