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Re: [snowkiteidaho] north carolina story

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  • Jon Bolt
    I ll be able to make it.... Are folks meeting up somewhere to car pool? Jon
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 17, 2007
      I'll be able to make it....
      Are folks meeting up somewhere to car pool? 

      On 10/16/07, Ryan Wait <ryanwait@...> wrote:

      sounds great!!!
      would the people that can make it please let me know so that i can buy enough food.
      we really need everybody's help so please donate one afternoon.
      thanks RTW

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      Subject: RE: [snowkiteidaho] north carolina story

      Sounded like a blast.


      Hopefully we have good weather for this Sunday.


      I've got possible 6 people heading up, for clean up.


      See yeah there




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      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] north carolina story


      hey boys! just thought i would give a short summary of my north carolina adventure. 10 days total with 2 travel days. i stayed in Wrightsville Beach with the east coast Flexifoil Rep, my good friend Jeoffery Nathan. he has a great house just minutes from the beach, with a sweet hot tub for the post session soak. . i was able to ride a bunch of 08' Flexifoil prototypes, they have got some really cool stuff coming out! the first day i was there we took his boat out to Masonboro island which is only a mile off the main land you can kite right behind a huge rock jetty for flat water or just head south a little to get into great peeling waves. this first day went off!!!! i started on a 14.5m way over powered. when i couldnt hold it down anymore, i went in, had lunch, and went back out on a 10.5m. i kited all day!  then we cruised thought the intercoastal waters checking out all the boats and bikini's(almost as good as the kiting)! the next day i headed out to wrightsville beach which is about 6 miles long, with 45+ public access points. started on a 14.5m at 9:30 am, water 81 degree's air was 71. that day had big surf!! i kited for 3 hours, and when i finally came in there was only these 3 hot chicks in bikini's on the beach. feeling pretty cool with my kite over head i walked up and said " hello ladies could one of you please help me land this thing" i was pretty entertained watching all 3 of them bounce around in circles with arms waving around, i kept it about 8 ft off the ground for about a minute. i wish i had the video rolling. talk about a kitesite! then that evening jeoffery and i did a down winder from the north end of wrightsville beach to the south end. then you just stick your thumb out and hitch back to the north. after which we stopped at Tower 7 Grill for some awesome fish taco's and beer, dinner for under $10. the next day we did the same downwinder, during which i saw a 100 lb tuna jump completely out of the water chasing bait fish.( and you know what eats tuna... creepy!) we went flounder fishing that night. i watched a guy catch a 200 lb sting ray, holy shit those things are ugly!
           all the kiting i had done up to this point was with NE,ENE, and E winds. it started blowing ESE,SE  so we went kiting off the south end of wrightsville Beach, this is all flat water except for the few waves that come in between the jetty's. this was my favorite spot because the beach was so big and flat, and makes a semi-circle allowing you to ride like it was onshore, side shore, or off shore. it was shallow, and sooo warm!
             Then more fishing, bikini watching, eating, jogging, and one monsterous night in downtown wilmington. i rode a machinical bull, danced with girls, got lost,etc..... and more etc....
      All in all wrightsville Beach is a really beautiful place. tons of million dollar homes and boats with none of the million dollar snobs. you have a lot of choice's for cheap food at great cafe's and grill's all of which are 1 minute from the beach. the winds are almost always the same as hattarras, and every wind direction has a good flat water and wave spot. the wind sensor on wrightsville beach is by far the best i have ever seen! go to www.surfchex.com for a real time view of the beach, with water temp,air temp, and wind speed that updates every 3 seconds! plus there is a good night life, with a high % of beautiful girls. hotels on the beach are $100 and up, but 10 minutes from the beach a $50 room is easy to find.
      so their you have it in a nut shell. i think i will  go back there in june, when they get strong SE winds.
        Eddie, Hunter at Blowing in the Wind said to say hi, and to call you tubby...? he said you would under stand. 

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