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FW: Surf's Up!!!

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  • Jason Brickner
    Next time you go kitesurfing at Manzanita, OR. Keep your eyes out for her friends. Just 100 miles north (in cooler water). Is it gonna keep me outta the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2007
      Next time you go kitesurfing at Manzanita, OR.  Keep your eyes out for her friends.  Just 100 miles north (in cooler water).  Is it gonna keep me outta the water?  NOPE... too addicted.


      So much for swimming in the Ocean around here! Ocean Shores, Washington is on the north side of Grays Harbor...Surf's Up!!!

      While the ocean vessel 'Dawn Raider' was commercial fishing for dogfish, this Great White was hooked in the mouth but only resisted slightly for 15 minutes before it came up alongside the boat to have a look; long enough for one of the crew members to slip a rope around it's tail !!! 'And that's when the s**t hit the fan!!. The Shark took off towing the 42 foot fishing boat backwards through the water at about 7 Knots. Ju st like in JAW S, the boat was taking on water over the stern and the crew watched in horror as the shark would a actually jump completely out of the water at times. This went on for an hour before the shark finally drowned. She weighed in at 1035 LBS. It is suspected she followed a weak El Nino current into local waters in search of food.  Although mid 60 degree water is considered ideal for these sharks, the larger ones can tolerate water in the low 50s.



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