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Too much SE...for LP

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  • Jason Brickner
    I recall a day last year when I woke up all excited to strong SE winds. I thought to myself... this is going to be an amazing morning at Lucky Peak. It turned
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2007
      I recall a day last year when I woke up all excited to strong SE winds.  I thought to myself... this is going to be an amazing morning at Lucky Peak.  It turned out that day last year was a bust.  It's funny but at 38 year old, I feel my memory is starting to go.
      I left the house this morning with visions of grandeur.  The wind was howling SE and ALL THE NUMBERS LOOKED AWESOME.  On my way out warm springs, I saw a guy with a windsurfing board heading the wrong way.  I thought to myself..."man, he is going to miss out this morning.  Must have been the cold that scared him off".  Driving up the canyon, my "pleasure meter" was pushing 10.  You should have seen the horizontal spray from the phallic fountain at the base of the dam.  WOW! It looked like most of the spray was being blown into the trees at discovery park.  As I made my way across the dam, I saw NO ONE.  What the heck.  There were plenty of white caps.. but not as many as I expected.  Maybe it was the angle of my vantage point.  I knew it had to be nuking.  Glad I brought the 14m.  As I stopped at the spillway and took a reading, the best I could get was 16-17mph and air temp of 47F.  Brrrrr.  Maybe the low water was diverting the air over the road.
      To make a long story short, I finally hit the water with my 17M Fuel and was powered for about 5 minutes.  It always looked better up the canyon and I struggled to even hold my ground.  Even with the dense cold air, it felt like there was nothing there.  The wind had 30sec moments of potential, then would die down.  Even some major holes and rotors near the edges.  It was very frustrating for 1 hour.  When I finally found myself between the two big intake towers, I decided to do the "Eighty" Petranik upwind board drag.  Eddy, that the best thing you ever taught us.  I made it all the way back to Turner gulch and brought the kite down uneventfully.  I had to go back up to 'brickner" beach to collect my gear but that only took about 7-8minutes since the water is WAY low.
      Two other things I noticed this morning.  When I got out, the wind was rocking down Turner Gulch but tranquil out in the main channel.  Probably a result of the strong SE winds.  And the water is still delightfully WARM.  Hope we get some decent wind this week.  I have to erase this morning from memory.
      Some body remind me next year when I get excited about very strong SE winds in Boise.
      -Jason Brickner
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