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Double Whopper with Cheese

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  • Jason Brickner
    A good morning at Lucky Peak this morning. Fully powered on the 17M Fuel. When I got there, I was reading 18mph with gusts to 22mph at the spillway. The only
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2007
      A good morning at Lucky Peak this morning.  Fully powered on the 17M Fuel.  When I got there, I was reading 18mph with gusts to 22mph at the spillway.  The only other person there was Bruce.  We both headed down to the Turner ramp and then I hoofed it over to Brickner beach. (By the way, you need to bring your own pump to the beach now since I packed mine back out this morning).  Laid out the lines, pumped up the kite and watched Bruce, who was juiced, ripping up the canyon.  I hit the water at 8:20 fully powered.  Eddy was next to hit the water near Turner boat launch.  Steve was next after a little fussing with his 14m then pumped up the 10m and hit the water.  A little gusty but plenty of wind.  I worked up the canyon almost up past the long beaches to the east and into the second canyon gorge.  It was fun exploring sections of the lake that are normally underwater.  There was enough wind to pull a jump on almost every jibe.  I had one whopper with cheese.  I finally had the double jump that Eddy has described numerous times.  I pulled the trigger and was up 20ft... then outta nowhere another boost of 5ft-8ft.  Damn... that Fuel can jump when you load it up just right.  WOW....  I heard my Whoooo--- Hoooooo's echo off the canyon walls several times.  I think I saw Bruce look upwind to see if I was hurt.  Man... what a jump. Definitely the jump of the year.  I rode toeside a couple times, but didn't really know what to do after that.
      All in all a great morning.  Not too cold and plenty of sun.  No smoke either.  I came in at 10:30 cause I got hungry :-)
      Looking forward to Sunday at the Bridge.

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