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Re: [snowkiteidaho] to hell with the water

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  • Darrel Thomas
    MessageI haven t done much wind research so far. Though, it seems that it is always blowing somewhat wenever I ve been out there. Even so, if there isn t
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 26, 2005
      I haven't done much wind research so far.  Though, it seems that it is always blowing somewhat wenever I've been out there.  Even so, if there isn't wind, hiking for the downhill was pretty good too!
      Yesterday, it started out blowing strong and fairly smoothe out of the south, then lulled for 1/2 hour or so, then switched north, and maybe a little bumpier, for an hour, then back to light south around sun set.  There were some major thunder clouds milling around all afternoon, probably causing the winds, but they never came through the park.
      The one downside were the killer mosquitoes that came out when the wind died and the temps dropped.  Also, got hit by a couple deer fly.  Mean sons a bitches!!!
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      ...Hey Darrel...
      have you figured out how to tell if the winds are good at the dunes?  If we could get somewhat certain indicators, that'd be worth trying!!!!
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      I went sandboarding out at Bruneau yesterday.  what a hoot!  I took my snowboard out there and hiked up the dunes and boarded down.   I also threw out my 10m Frenzy and gave that a whirl.  It worked OK when I had the wind and was going left foot forward.  Had some issues Rt Ft Fwd.  Board isn't very symetrical, and it would help if I knew how to board!  The board was a little slow and grabby too.
      I think I am going to make a sandboard and get into it for real.  The terrain potential at Bruneau nearly rivals Camas.  There are some flat areas, lots of little rolling dunes, some mid sizers and, of course, the monster 500 footer.
      Just gotta learn how to ride that stupid f...n' board...
      Here's a link to some good info on sandboarding.  doesn't sound like anyone is using kites... YET!
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