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RE: [BSA] Re: Interagency Meeting @ L.P.

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  • Jason Brickner
    I second that... I appreciate the update too. I wish you luck in the weather station. I was tasked with getting the ball rolling on that project last year.
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      I second that... I appreciate the update too. I wish you luck in the
      weather station. I was tasked with getting the ball rolling on that project
      last year. Needless to say it went nowhere. Ultimately without any funding
      you won't get far. Sounds like you may have a solution however.

      Good luck and we'll see you on the water.

      -Jason Brickner

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      Jim - Great job! Thanks for being on top of this and representing the
      groups' interests.

      Jack Harrison, PhD, PE, PH-GW

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      As a committee rep for the group, I sat in on an interagency meeting today @

      I have had several conversations with Joyce Dunning about the weather
      station over the past several years, and was asked by her to discuss the
      idea with the interagency group. There was a lot of positive feedback and
      guidance for funding the project.

      Funding for the project could come from one source or several. I was given
      the contact name of a person who has the information for grant writing to
      obtain funds for this project. The Grant may not cover the entire cost, but
      there is still the possibility of raising funds from other user groups,
      including our own. Here are several user groups that could be involved,
      Southern Idaho Sailing Assoc., Fish & Game, Id. Parks & Rec., Ada County
      Sheriffs Office, etc. The main selling point beyond the obvious and several
      others is "Water Safety".

      Army Corp. will host the site, by providing power and a dedicated phone
      line. Both currently exist at the Host Station. I am looking at the light
      pole directly in front of the site to install the station.
      A lightning rod will need to be installed to protect the unit, this is why
      the last one went away, it got hit to many times.

      I have found a web service that will host the information, and make it
      accessible to us via a web site and through cell phones that can access the
      web. Would like to explore other options if you have them.

      There would have to be a way to create funds or a fund to continue servicing
      the station for repairs when needed.

      So if this gets started now, we could have a station in place and
      operational by next season. The Grant or grants have to be applied for by
      June of this year to receive funds by January of "08"

      I am committing myself to following through with this project, so please
      direct any and all other ideas and information my way through this form or
      directly to my email @ jlv@... or my cell phone @ 353-1855.

      Other topics discussed,

      Res. will be full in three to four weeks, due to rain & higher temps the
      snow pack is melting fast. L.P. is @ 98% now. Expected drop is scheduled for
      mid to late AUG. Res will be dropped to 75 -80% of capacity for repairs to
      the Arrowrock sleuths in 07 & 08.

      The next phase of improvements @ our launch site will start in about three
      weeks. We will be advised and brought in to discuss project at that time.
      Get ready for another "Work Party".

      Non motorized water craft are back on the GOV.'S list, to be registered.
      It's being pushed really hard in Coeur d' Alane, but the the guy I talked to
      @ IDPR in charge of Boating/Law Enforcement Training for the State says that
      it will be fought hard again to be defeated. But that he thinks if it were
      to ever happen, windsurfers & kiters would be exempt.

      Later, Jim V.

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