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RE: [snowkiteidaho] followup on the Fat Lady

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  • Bolt, Jon
    Regarding other possible spots around West Mtn, Brian says: there are some other open bowels (spots)?.... advisable to take a pooper scouper !
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 2, 2007
      Regarding other possible spots around West Mtn, Brian says: "there are some other open bowels" (spots)?....
      advisable to take a pooper scouper !

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      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] followup on the Fat Lady

      Sorry for the multiple posts. No clue why?

      Unfortunately, the Fat Lady can be tough to get to.
      You need good snow conditions ie a firm base.
      A good backcountry snowmobile that can climb a steep 400+ yd hill
      (and a bit of experience and nerve ,ie not for the begining rider).
      Take a GPS as it is easy to get confused about the right place to exit
      the ridge on the return trip.
      The wind was blowing SW at ~12-15... other southern directions may
      work but for the best and most exposed ridge SW is the key. I don't
      know if North winds would work..there are some other open bowels but
      we didn't take the time to evaluate them very carefully.
      "Shangrala" is located ~ 4 miles north of the radar station on West
      Mountain, the snowmobile approach is from the snowmobile parking lot
      at the southwest end of Cascade Lake.

      It may be possible to drive a vehicle to the radar station as I think
      they keep a road plowed all the way to the top year round. However,I
      don't know if they allow access in the winter. It would not be a bad
      backcountry ski in from there. You can probably take snowmobiles in
      from that approach as well,and avoid the thrilling or (depending on
      the outcome)scary climb.

      If you need more specific directions give me a call.

      Brian Kerr
      at 939 2328

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