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  • Jon Bolt
    Jason, I m still amazed & friggin impressed by what it took to snare my loose kite (w/ bar & lines trailing like jellyfish tentacles) & get ahold of it & pick
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2013
      Jason, I'm still amazed & friggin' impressed by what it took to snare my loose kite (w/ bar & lines trailing like jellyfish tentacles) & get ahold of it & pick out a sheltered cove on that island to head for...AND GET IT THERE... while dealing w/ your own kite...AND BOARD for gosh sakes...and in those ERRATIC WINDS!!!....Did I say how much friggin' competence & composure & effort & skill that took?
      THANKS!!  I'll be your wingman forever...
      [For others:  screamin' 9m winds @ river 1/2 powered and often that a handfull.  Kinda gusty but doable overall with the occasional "holy cow watch out slam on the anchor edge".  Went up on a boost to MHAFB Flight Levels when wind hole hits & near freefall out of sky, pendulum way underneath kite.  I feel lines go total slack and into water deep overhead, can't see but still feel major slack for soooooo long....kite must be falling.  I get head up & see.  yep, falling, major slack building.  Will not be good.  Going up and pulling bar in hard for more boost & then hitting major altitudinous hole w/ no line tension, caused instant overpull of  bar when the tension left, so that slack CL & donkey dick now slide down into bad position vis-a-vis bar hook...then of course a NUCLEAR BLAST hits the slack kite.  Instantly bar yanked out of hands, CL & DD escape spreader bar, and Naish SAFETY LEASH SNAPS.  Kite headed to the moon...or at least Twin Falls.  Astonishing, ALMOST entertaining...but not quite...to see how high & far it went.  Fortunately Jason & Greg WAY downwind.  Maybe they'll see it, but whattheheck could they do????  Once on water, kite doesn't tumble much or relaunch...fortunately.  After a few attempts, Jason somehow gets ahold of it & drags himself & my kite to an island cove to hold my kite out of wind while he stands & holds his in water relaunch position...until Greg can get me & give a tranny burning tow against the current for 10+ minutes until I can get to Jason & take over my kite.  Bar & lines a birdsnest, so deflate LE & roll up kite, stow bar & spaghetti in board strap, and hike from island in knee deep muck back to cars.  That was WAY harder than the kiting.  Outcome...not a scratch on me or kite.  Deal w/ bar birdsnest tomorrow.  Friggin' AMAZING!  THANKS JASON & GREG...& WILL for checkin' on us !!! ]
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