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Re: [snowkiteidaho] Kailua, HI Kitesurfing

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  • Jon Bolt
    ...it get s confusing at Kailua because two islands off Lanikai are nicknamed The Mokes , which is short for: the Mokuluas...and as Steve says, a moke is a
    Message 1 of 5 , May 16, 2013
      ...it get's confusing at Kailua because two islands off Lanikai are nicknamed "The Mokes", which is short for: the Mokuluas...and as Steve says, a "moke" is a homeboy hawaiian...
      I stand corrected about the Kailua to Waimanalo "downwinder".  Waimanalo is upwind.  But that day I came so close to inviting myself to late lunch at stranger's house in Lanikai, I originally started at Bellows beach next to Waimanalo and tried crossing behind Mokes to get to Kailua.  After near disaster getting stuck @ Lanikai, when wind came up I headed back to Bellows (towards Waimanalo), the angle not too bad for upwind travel...but like kiteglobe says, a downwinder would start @ Waimanalo....

      On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 11:34 AM, steve linane <itile@...> wrote:

      Moke is a term used by residents of the Hawaiian Islands to describe segments of the local Polynesian population. In practice, the word "moke" is similar to "redneck", as it is only used to describe a certain personality type, instead of an entire ethnic group

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      Thanks for pix & sitrep!  Hit it darn good to get 12m stuff 'cause very often its big rig territory.  When winds light, be careful about traveling very deep into downwind shadow of the Mokes.  Did that once on 16m & huge board, and got too deep in the bay to get out & did half-hour slow death thing steadily losing ground until inches away from dumping kite literally at back door of one of those ritzy homes in Lanikai!  For real, seconds away from dumping the wind mercifully kicked up just 1-2mph, enough to get back out & outathere.
      Monty prolly has better tips, but....
      - you can also do downwinder from Kailua to Waimanalo...be sure any car parked at Waimanalo is in public view.
      - Be sure to hit Mokuleia on western end of northshore by Dillingham airstrip (where the gliders & skydivers fly).  That's usually 10m-12 stuff for twintips & 7-9m for wavekiting.  Cool spot to see all the water & airborne play.  Tophat's always there & you can score pic w/ him & frame it over yer fireplace like J. Brickner!
      - checkout Hukilau beach north of you in Laie...best kite spot on eastern shore I think.
      - "Hole's" are like pits you dig in the ground, or the things bullets make in signs..."Haules" are caucasian versions of "Mokes"
      Enjoy those hairdryer winds on the dreads!

      On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 10:39 PM, Jason MacFarlane <jmacmatic@...> wrote:

      Solid sessions in Kailua so far with 12M conditions dominating. Twin tip not enough today so demo'd some new North & Slingshot Surfboards and rode up to the Moke islands. Hairdryer winds so smooth it makes LP on a good day look like chopped spam, nothing but grade A filet mignon out here Hole's and Mokes! 

      See ya on da mainland before too long, still have a downwinder from Haikula to Malakaena (locals special) and Molukeiwa (hammerhead kitesurfing) to do before getting back on de plane this weekend. 

      Few pics, but no video b/c the ole GoPro housing busted a gasket and ruined the cam. 


      Jason Mac

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