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Re: [BSA] Report from Costa Rica

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  • Will Hise
    Its the camaraderie. I ve been lots of places and would argue they are better but this crew is pretty cool and it takes some hard core kiters to brave the LP
    Message 1 of 2 , May 11, 2013

      Its the camaraderie. I've been lots of places and would argue they are better but this crew is pretty cool and it takes some hard core kiters to brave the LP conditions. I still can't figure out how anyone learned here on c kites without head injuries (hm, maybe that explains a few of you!). 

      Rusty. Don't listen to them in that bay. I went to Costa Rica and hit it at the end of the season. No wind and they all packed up and moved back to the states. Even Arnal was dead calm. I was forced to surf with my arms!

      On May 10, 2013 10:32 PM, "RUSTY HILL" <rustyshill@...> wrote:
      So I woke this morning at 5:30am, just like a child on Christmas Eve. We're staying at Blue Dream Kiteboarding resort near Bahia del Salinas. It's right on the border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. In fact, tomorrow I plan on visiting Nicaragua via kite. I'll report how it goes. :)
      Today I was able to get Annie on the water for a while, but just our luck, it was the lightest wind they've had in 5 months. Which was perfect 13m wind for me. This place is one of the windiest places on earth. They can count the non-kiteable days each month, during the non-windy season, on one hand. Windy season is often 30+kts. I asked the owner what he thought the forecast looks like, as any wind junkie would inquire. His reply was, "there should be wind. There was wind today, there was wind yesterday... And everyday for the past 5 months. I'm guessing there will be wind tomorrow"

      The water isn't as clear and clean as the Caribbean side but it was very warm. The warmest ocean water I've been in. The beach isn't quite black but is dark which heats the water nearest the beach to a toasty temp hotter than your body. Close to hot tub temperature.  Lucky we also timed it just right so we would be here right during a jellyfish bloom. I've never seen so many in one place. Those learning today on the beach didn't last long in the water before reaching their personal jellyfish limit. It just gave me extra incentive to not lose my board and have to body drag. I did just that once and could feel my body sliding through a cloud of jellyfish... Very strange feeling. Very glad I wore a long-sleeved rash guard!
      So, in conclusion the grass isn't always greener elsewhere. I absolutely love traveling and kiting new places, but I still think Lucky Peak is pretty close to the top of my chart for places to kite. Maybe it's the purple serpentina, the treacherous launch, the smoke inhalation and the seasonal fish semen. Or maybe it's the comradery, the post session chats, and the early mornings. Regardless, I'm excited for this Lucky Peak party to get started!

      Rusty Hill

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