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RE: [idahokiteboarding] RE: [snowkiteidaho] New Weather station

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  • Jason Brickner
    Would be cool to zoom in on the water surface to judge the whitecaps. But I’d be happy with a fixed webcam. Then again, we may have a major issue with the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2013

      Would be cool to zoom in on the water surface to judge the whitecaps.  But I’d be happy with a fixed webcam.  Then again, we may have a major issue with the sunrise overdriving the webcam.  Whether that be direct sun or reflection off the water.  It may be necessary to have a pan/tilt/zoom webcam to change the angle in those situations.


      Something to test.




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      I am in for 20-50. I called Verizon, you can put the service on hold for up to 3 months twice a year.

      Some companies offer internet signal boosters. If sprint was the best choice but not quite enough reception they may give us a free booster?

      Satellite internet is another option.

      If possible (cost, data usage and reliability ) I would like to propose a camera like the slingshot kite cam in hood river. You can control the camera for a minute or two at a time from your computer (pan left, right, up, down and very impressive zoom).

      Mike Z


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      Oooooo that is interesting.  Dual purpose. I like the idea. 


      -Jason Brickner

      Olympus Controls



      Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors.  Sent from my phone.

      On May 5, 2013, at 5:05 AM, "Ryan Waite" <idahokitesports@...> wrote:


      Idaho Kite Sports, INC is down to donate a 100 bucks. I like the idea of a webcam and real time wind readings. The Best thing would be if we could move this sensor to the Snow Park  or Last Resort in the winter and get real time there too! Let me know what I can do to help financially.





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      Subject: [idahokiteboarding] RE: [snowkiteidaho] New Weather station


      Cant help with anything but the cash , sorry  

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      If we can get over the internet hurdle, I'd be willing to pony up a few bucks for new hardware. Josh

      On May 4, 2013 11:01 AM, "RUSTY HILL" <rustyshill@...> wrote:


      So after dissecting the weather station's anemometer today looking for a model number I discovered that replacement parts are not sold for our trusty but currently broken weather station. (one of the anemometer scoops have been broken off due to weathering and possibly a bird landing on it… who knows) I've spent several hours searching for the best solution. Here are my findings:


      Most ideal (but most costly) situation would be to invest in a completely wireless kit that includes new wireless sensors (wind direction, wind speed, temp, barometric pressure and humidity) as well as a server that uploads all the information IN REAL TIME WITHOUT A PC (the main cause of the frustrations and problems with our current weather station)  It would also allow us to install a weather cam, at a later time, that uploads snapshots at a given interval. I don't know about you, but actually seeing your fellow wind-junkies on the water when you're debating wether or not to get out of bed would be huge in maximizing every epic wind day at LP. Or on the other hand, it could help avoid a lonely solo session or worse, getting skunked. Now for the downside… you need a post 1990 internet connection. i.e. dialup won't hack it. So we'd have to subscribe to a wireless internet plan like verizon or AT&T as well as purchase a wifi hotspot to make it work. If any of you have a wireless hotspot from one of those carriers and would like to donate it or at least let us borrow it to see if the connection is strong enough to make this plan possible, that would be a great help. Last year I tried a Clear modem up there without any success. Another possible solution would be to solicit local businesses like waterski proshop or Cabela's to sponsor the internet connection and lovingly name the station after them. (if anyone has connections or strings they can pull, please speak up)  With internet connections aside the weather station and server would come to - $269. With our surplus from last year and interest earned in my high yield checking account at %0.0003 we have about $110 left from last years donations. Which would put us short about $170 with shipping. If we have the same amount of contributions as last year it would almost cover the upgrade. If we wanted to go ahead with this option we'd need everyone to dig a little deeper and help fund a more reliable wind tracker.  Again if we could solve the internet problem this would be the best for everyone who relies on this station, but especially those of us like Chris Lee who has been an absolute saint in dedicating hours and hours to maintaining the station.


      The other option is business as usual… buy new sensors, replacing the broken and aged equipment and try to keep everything running during the summer. Cost for new sensors would be around $115. Which is just about what we have left over from last year. 


      I realize I put a little more work into "selling" the first idea, but in reality I think it would be a much better long term solution. The main hurdle is the internet connection as DSL nor cable is not available. I mostly wanted to get some feedback and see if anyone can help find out who's data service works up there. I don't imagine the quantity of data will be very substantial but having a good connection would be important if we're trying to improve reliability. Also, if anyone has suggestions for potential solutions to paying for or procuring an inexpensive internet connection….

      Let the dialog commence…






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