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Re: [snowkiteidaho] Kiteboarding San Francisco

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    That s awesome. Make sure you post that final document to group Eddy
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 25, 2013
      That's awesome.  Make sure you post that final document to group


      On Apr 25, 2013, at 12:58 AM, Josh Woodland <woodland.josh@...> wrote:


      Hey Will,

      For my own reference, I put all of the places you mentioned (and your comments) into a Google Map format.  Does it look like I got the locations right?


      On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 6:52 PM, Bill Binegar <billyg2477@...> wrote:

      That is a copy and paste email. Hope I get to use it someday. Thanks Will.

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      On Apr 24, 2013, at 12:46 AM, Will Hise <will.hise@...> wrote:



      I've kited the Bay Area a lot. Due to Cali traffic, where to kite is going to be based on where you are staying. In June all spots should work. Here's a short list

      Sherman island - this is up the delta towards Sacramento but is an amazing flat water spot if you can get up there. About 45 min from sf. Warm fresh water and good people. Launch and land is challenging but easier than lucky peak. Blows all day except for lunch break. Great after kite party scene. There are a few guys that will take you down river to a cool spot for a downwinder. Removes the sketchy launch but you still have to land at the same spot. Super fun though and that's how my wife learned a lot

      3rd ave - south of sf and in the bay. Another good crop of people. Lots of dot commers. Good wind in the afternoons and a good view of the underbellies of 747s landing at sfo. Flat water. Talk to locals about the best spots to launch and land. You don't really want to end up downwind but the wind is good so this isn't usually an issue. 

      Chrissy field -- if you're up for it, every Kiter should do this once. You can kite under the Golden Gate Bridge and the view is just amazing. That said, it's no place to have gear failure or ignore local currents, tides and wind shadows. Water is cold and spookie and almost every local has been rescued by coast guard at least once. You need to talk to a local about the ins and outs, but if you're up for it and ready, do it, it's worth it. Avoid ebb tides, the south tower shadow and ferries. 

      Waddell creek -- a bit of a drive but can be some of the best wave riding around. It's cold, sharky and very localized. 

      Alameda -- mellow spot on the east side of the bay. Usually quite a bit lighter than the other spots around the bay. Shallow flat water and a small rigging area but easy launch.

      If you're nervous about the spots I'd hit 3rd or alameda. They are the least intimidating but you'll have a blast at Sherman if you have the time. If you can kite lucky peak from Barkley you really have nothing to worry about. Take some booties and if you hit the ocean or Chrissy take a warm wet suit and possibly some floatation. 

      Let me know if you want more details or driving directions to anywhere. The guys at live2kite are awesome sources of info also. 

      Have fun!!


      On Tuesday, April 23, 2013, Josh Woodland wrote:

      I'm headed to San Francisco for 4 days the first part of June.  Has anyone kiteboarded in the area?  Any recommendations on location?  I've never kiteboarded on big water with lots of people around, so any tips or recommendations with that in mind would be helpful.


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