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Re: [idahokiteboarding] Enhanced Upper Treasure Valley weather page

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  • Jon Bolt
    THANKS TOM!! ...stoked my vigorish to the max !
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 8, 2012
      THANKS TOM!!

      ...stoked my vigorish to the max !

      On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 8:08 PM, Tom von Alten <tva@...> wrote:

      In celebration of opening day, and because his mom's peaches were so good,
      I answered Chris' request to include Barclay Bay sensor data on the only
      slightly misnamed "Upper Treasure Valley Sailing Forecast" page that
      aggregates observation from multiple stations (was 5, now 6), and provides
      some handy weather links:


      The goal of this is to give a terse, aggregated snapshot from the best sources
      at hand. You can jump to the NOAA pages, or to Wunderground for the
      "traditional," one-at-a-time view with interactive history and what-not, or
      if you want the full-on, interactive foo,

      I'm being careful to honor Wunderground's terms of use, and am NOT scraping
      data from their site (even though it's "our" data); Chris is sending me
      the same data that he sends them, so I'm getting it direct from the

      Thanks to Chris for bugging me to do this, and for handling his end of the
      job with alacrity. Thanks to me for providing you all a free service that
      started in the late 1990s, and keeps on trucking. And thanks to U.S.
      taxpayers who fund NOAA, one of the great components of our mighty federal
      Tom von Alten

      P.S. If you're dying to contribute to my cause, you can use the Amazon
      search widget off my blog http://fortboise.org/blog/ if and when you need
      or want to shop Amazon. You don't have to pay any more for anything, but
      I get an insanely miniscule vigorish, which somehow motivates me.

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