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RE: [snowkiteidaho] RE: [idahokiteboarding] Adventure update: Gorge & coast report please.....

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  • Jason Brickner
    Heading to Manzo next week. Hope to get the goods. Planning on double rubbering it with a full wetsuit and shorty to stay toasty warm. Will report on-site.
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      Heading to Manzo next week.  Hope to get the goods.  Planning on double rubbering it with a full wetsuit and shorty to stay toasty warm.  Will report on-site.





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      First it looks like some miss guided individual hacked my email while I was out of town I apologize ,  do not open , send directly to spam . 
       spent 4 days at  New Port and Florence . Like last year took the SUP and the kite gear , its the fool proof method , if its not blowing there is always some wave action . In years past  when I was 100% depended on the wind , it was hard to talk myself into a 10 hr drive . Last year i took my 11' doyle , this year took my 9'x 29" wide 148 L coreban Fusion  and what a difference . This is what i found , if you want to surf get a 9' board that will float you.  for you big guys take a look at The Space Pickle from Slingshot 

      take it out to Quinns pond and and get the hang of it , standing up and paddling in to a wave isnt necessary , you can knee paddle and stand up once your  on the wave , I wish I wouldn't of messed around with the 11' and went right to the 9' , I caught more waves and while on the wave I was able to do allot more then just stand there and ride it in to the beach .   

      Kited at Florence 11m with the Slingshot dialer and the rrd toxic wave .  Waves were 2 to 6 ft. south swell so we weren't getting that jetty rap around that a north swell brings ( next time ) . water numbing cold air 57 to 63 . to sunny days two cloudy ones . windy on the sunny days .

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      Subject: [idahokiteboarding] Adventure update: Gorge & coast report please.....



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