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RE: [snowkiteidaho] looks windy

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  • Jim Tighe
    Unisys doesn’t look very promising for tomorrow, but who knows. With todays heat it still might happen. Today was really a lot of fun. When it was on it
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 21, 2012

      Unisys doesn’t look very promising for tomorrow, but who knows.  With todays heat it still might happen.  Today was really a lot of fun.  When it was on it was REALLY on.  The early birds got the best of it.  5 sailors and maybe seven kiters.  5.6 hucker with 95 liter board for me.  6 for Jim V, 5.7 Bruce, Paul 6.2? and Val 5.2. 

      Kiters were 11M to12M for the most but Jason B was 14.5M (what r ya Nuts?)  We could not give a last man out award as Jon Bolt kinda crashed his kite in the non landing area above the Seas Serpent N Jason had to swim in after trying to get the last bit of wind.  All are well and ready for more.  


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      How does Friday and Sat morning look for LP?

      Any chance of wind for those two days?

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      Now I don't feel so bad. Hopefully it'll be another glorious Sunday morning this this weekend.

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      Windy is one way to describe it.  Punchy, gusty, rodeo are a few more.  A bit rougher then the normal LP wind, still it beats sitting behind the desk. Hope we get more soon.  Congrats to Jason and Jim for being out there before me, especially Jason being first on the water and last off. Hope Eddy can out earlier so he can make it worth his longer commute.


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      I'm heading up to take a look


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