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Lake Lowell / ICR

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  • steve linane
    I got word that there was action out a ICR yesterday . Tom C arrived about 1:30 rigged a 12m then went to a 9m . Charlie and Betsy showed and sail with
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      I got word that there was action out a ICR yesterday .  Tom C arrived about 1:30 rigged a 12m then went to a 9m  . Charlie and Betsy showed and sail with little problem using wave fins and Jim showed , rigged a 7m and was still on the water when Tom left at 7:00
      PS Ryan how are you doing , What happened ?

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      Since nobody'd believe a report like Jim's from Lake Lull, having experienced the epic conditions I too testify to its veracity .  12 years kiting in Idaho and first time I've used a 7m that I recall (actually a 7.5m Kahoona)...and well lit even w/ depower strap throttled back about 25%.  And at LAKE LOWELL???  Biggest & longest air ever for me on any kite, any size, double elevator rides, counting to six to seven on the biguns. Certain I looked down on that half dead cottonwood just upwind of Gott.  Chest high swell routinely, and across entire lake, and the occasional shoulder high, what a rollercoaster for play!.  Only complaint, tried a few rotational tricks in the fierce winds but found it too punchy/holey to risk much of that especially near Gott Point because wind very northerly making big gusty wind shadow in close.  So mostly airing it out big and screaming over & along the swell, and gliding off & over the lips...how many waves can you clear sorta game?.  But have to say, the Kahoona tames those gusty/punchy conditions nicely smoothin' it out & making it fun & playable instead of white knucklin' & rodeo.  Maybe good thing to forgo trickeration because even w/ out it, today have epic case of ag-runoff-nose to go w/ epic session.  One crash stripped helmet off head, nose becomes rudder.  Today sinuses bulging out the eyes & ears.  Ugghhh.  Eddy  on 7m broke a board, Ryan nearly same for his back.  We carried Ryan's stuff out, but hiking he needed walking stick w/ serious case of Quasimodo.  Sure hope it's better today Ryan...it looked bad.  Players: Eddy, Greg, Jason Watt, Jake, Chrizzo, Ryan, Jim T and me....not sure what happened to JMac.  He arrived in parking lot after me but never showed at Gott...Eddy left early and w/ broken board musta scared JMac off before he started hike.  JMac, you'd been fine...word is Eddy was jumping big for some bikini babes sunning @ the Point, does big jump right over the Point in worst part of windshadow, but at peak hits big hole freefalling out of sky slamming down on board.    Board makers thankful for that sorta stuff to keep sales up!  And us to 'cause Eddy will have new board for us to try!!  'Course this all hearsay on my part as I didn't see it, Eddy may have more accurate story....anyway, JMac you'da been fine.  Hope it's not another 12 years before gettin' goods like that again at LL...or Idaho for that matter....

      On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 9:45 PM, Jim Tighe <jim@...> wrote:

      Got there around four? I can't believe that we are stopped at the gate n can't drive to Gotts point. So I carried my rigged gear to Gotts. Thank goodness it was a 4.2 sail n 95 liter board. It killed this old man. But sailing a 4.2 anywhere in Idaho is worth the hike. The hike out was a little worse but that's life. 3-4 ft waves , fierce winds - priceless. Last time I sailed LL in this wind was on Steve L birthday a few years back. There were seven kiters n little ol me. The kiters were on 7-9 m kites. Ryan had a bad landing, ie crash. He wasn't moving too well after that. Everyone else had a fabulous day. Hopefully he heals fast. Big winds lake Lowell, who'd think it.
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