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979Long term weather prognosis

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  • Darrel Thomas
    Jan 3, 2007
      On NPR  today I heard a NWS meorologist quoted as saying that January/February is when we typically feel the effects of the dreaded El Nino.   He stated that this will normally cause unseasonably high temps in our region, and a split flow sending most storms to the south and north of us throughout January into February.
      To throw on my $1.50 worth of BS:
      The split flow will be caused by a substantial high pressure cell sitting on top of us.  The bad news is we won't be seeing a whole lot of wind or new snow.  The good news is it also means inversions.  Not always a good thing, but in terms of preserving our snowpack on the Camas to await the storms of late Feb through April, it is a God send.  Like 2 and 3 years ago, when all the ski resorts were closing up from lack of snow, the temps on the Camus were extemely low, keeping us safe from melt off.
      The good news is it looks good Thur, fri, Sun.  Maybe Sat.  Should be picking op a few inches of snow today/tonight.
      My advice is to hit it hard this week/weekend, steady our hearts for 4-6 weeks of agonizing withdrawl, and pray for a wicked good Feb/March.
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