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  • Darrel Thomas
    Mar 29, 2005
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      Eddy, Phill and i went up this afternoon, despite the rolling storms in the valley, and man was it worth it.  For the most part, it was a sunny day up there.  There was one fast moving storm, with pretty strong winds, that was hitting about the time got there.  Eddy and I put up 10m, Phil his 9.5.  When the storm hit in full, we stuck in a lee side trough and played around.  15 minutes later, the storm moved on, and left nice 15-20mph winds and plenty of sunshine in its wake.  Eddy opted to gear up to his 14, I stuck with the 10.
      We were playing on the big hills behind the snowmobile park where we used to usually go.  we parked at an approach a couple miles this side of the parking lot.  We found this one perfect little bowl where we were throwing HUGE AIR.  30 feet high and 4+ second hang times are reasonable guesses.  I looked down on my second jump after already being up for awhile and saw my shadow way the hell down there, and ever so small.  I about shit myself.  Phill was whooping and hollering just the other side of the hill.  We can only assume he was getting some sweet air too. 
      The next storm was breaking off the ridge line after a couple hours.  Eddy figured he'd better get the 14 down before all hell broke loose, so we headed back to the truck, and got it all packed up just in time.
      See ya tomorrow!