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9458Re: Maui & "golf clubs"

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  • jwattboi
    Nov 25, 2011
      Yes, clubs are free, not kiteboards (on United anyway). You know, can't piss off the golfers, AARP would be all over them, LOL.

      Those are some serious rollers out there past the break. I was hesitant to go out there Wednesday but did through the smaller sets. The winds were crazy gusty Sunday and Monday. Tuesday through Thursday was great, solid beef. Only flew my 9.5 and most were on 6's to 8's.

      That would not be a good place to have a kitemare. Quarter to half mile offshore, prolly miles to nearest downwind shore, sharkbait, big rollers and breakers, shallow coral. When you're way out there where the water turns dark blue, you definitely don't want to get separated from your board.

      What an awesome spot and wind...had a blast.

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      > That really Sucks, so if they were only golf clubs would she have let them go on for free? If so I see a little discrimination going on. What airline was that? Did you have to pay that going over? I thought extra bags was only 25 bucks.
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      > Yeah, OGG doesn't fall for the golf club bag trick. Checked in tonight.
      > Counter agent "are those golf clubs".
      > Me "I've got golf clubs in there".
      > Her "I'll have to see them".
      > Before I could open the front compartment and show her my two Eddy-inspired clubs she opened the main and said "oh a kiteboard".
      > I told her I had gold clubs and stuff. She said that'll be $100.
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