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9455Re: [snowkiteidaho] Maui & "golf clubs"

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  • Will Hise
    Nov 25, 2011
      Curbside check with a big tip in hand works almost every time.

      And most US airlines now do have kiteboarding in their baggage rules. It's actually a little better that way, since we don't get charged as badly as surfboards, which are fragile.

      I travelled recently with all my kite gear in regular suitcases and then used a kiteboard day bag with a single board and padding only. That made sure the stupid sum of length, width and height was within their limits. No questions asked either direction. I think it's when we show up with a golf bag that is 3 times the size of a REAL golf back that we get singled out. Real golf bags are MUCH smaller than our beasts.

      Real problem is traveling with multiple kiters and surfboards. Baggage fees get to be more than the original ticket. I can't figure out how the airlines can charge so much and still claim no responsibility for damage or loss! What a racket.


      On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 11:53 AM, Gavin Morrison <Gavilan22@...> wrote:


      Good info...I usually get caught  on the way down to Cobo but not on the way back....I usually spend five minutes arguing until a manager comes out and shuts me down.
      But maybe I'll find a few drivers to put in with my stuff.

      Have you got a reservation in LV yet?


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      I have also been lucky so far.  Golf clubs do fly for free and kiteboards are $100.  Most of the airlines dont have anything that says kiteboard in the rules so they classify it as a surfboard. I put my board at the bottom of my bag then put a layer of clothes over it, then my kite and a few golf clubs (drivers= they are the lightest).  Jason on your  way home layer it like this, then put some dirty looking underwear or baby diapers on the top.  Put something that they will not want to dig around in and you should be fine.  learn the names of a few of the local courses. I have been asked where I played and if I liked the course.  I was lucky that I knew a few of the courses and was able to bullshit my way through.  As for the discrimination, I was told that people with power play golf.  That is why there is no fee for clubs. Even at $200 if you get some good kiting in it will be worth it.

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