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8865RE: [snowkiteidaho] RE: [BSA] Monday report

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  • steve linane
    Sep 12, 2011
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      Yes we launched from Barclay but the wind wasn't to gusty , landing went smooth but potential for disaster . Its a long way down to the water and it dropped about two or more feet from yesterday . I keep saying this is the last day , and I think today was the day .  I may take tomorrow off and let the clouds move on through . See what Wednesday brings . and then do the hike or windsurf if its windy enough

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      Steve - Thanks for the update.  You still launching from Barclay?


      I needed a day off. Maybe see you Tuesday. 


      Launching from CC/BB takes a bit longer, but then there is less “up wind work” to do … assuming the water launch is successful.  Jack



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      Two sailors on 6.0s Jim T  and Chris Nickels  , Mark and I 10m and 13m kited a good solid hour . Not quite as windy as the last few days . Tuesday Wednesday look like a repeat of today

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