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  • Gear Daddy LLC
    Jul 1, 2011
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      From my research it appears that afternoon SW is the prevailing wind, except for this weekend.  Willow is slightly offshore wind.  There is a boat launch across dam so a little more side shore there.  Unfortunately the East end of Lake is Indian reservation, and apparently no access to the non Indian folk.  

      Walcott appears to be a similar wind pattern. I have not been there but my understanding is it should work???


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      I been out on Lake Walcott its in the middle of farm country they have frisbee golf ,from looking at the forecast its that or SUP weather , its just before you get to American Falls Res , but I like AFR its a monster of a lake looking east to west the water goes over the horizon . I launch at Willow bay Park , this is close to the dam . take the first exit go through town across the railroad tracks and your there . very large grassy rigging area , and right at the water , when then the water is up , when the water is down its sand down to the water .this spot is best in a west , nw , east , ne to much south and its off shore .  there are probably many good spots over there but I haven't been to them . The wind is more of a afternoon thing and frontal driven . No unusual hazards that I know of .

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      I'm headed to Idaho Falls this weekend to visit some family, and might give American Falls Res a try (assuming I get permission from my wife). Can anyone help me with some information about what works there in terms of wind direction, time of day, and good launch sites? Anything to beware of? Any other kiteable bodies of water in the area?
      Thanks in advance, Josh

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