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7732Re: [snowkiteidaho] Wind Alert Weather Site

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  • David Jakious
    May 3, 2011
      Is the C.J. reading accurate on WindAlert even though the location on the map seems off?  If so it was blowing over 20 for a couple hours this evening.  Would it have been a good place to hit or is it better later in the spring?

      Thanks for the advice.  Still getting the lay of the land.

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      Yes it does give you a few days forecast...but it is hard to see on PC.  However on phone you can scroll out on hourly basis over a few days.  Now everyone knows my secret ;-)

      Eddy @ Gear Daddy LLC

      On Apr 29, 2011, at 8:52 AM, Jack Harrison wrote:


      Very Nice - it looks like its maybe blowing 17 (mph?) at ICR .... and 22 at

      Looks like it shows ~Pine Turnoff at about 15mph which matches the Wx
      reported there:

      Current time: Fri, 29 Apr 8:43 am (MDT)
      Most Recent Observation: Fri, 29 Apr 7:52 am (MDT)
      Time Temp. Dew Relative Wind Wind Wind Visibility Precip Quality
      Point Humidity Chill Direction Speed 24 hour Control
      (MDT) (f) (f) (%) (f) (mph) (miles) (inches)
      29 Apr 7:52 am 25 21 84 12 W 16G18 0.00 OK
      29 Apr 7:37 am 25 21 85 13 W 14G16 0.00 OK

      And, when you point and click, does that give you recent historical
      readings, and a few days forecast? If so, that's great!!!

      Thanks much, Jack

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      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] Wind Alert Weather Site

      Don't know if something has changed or if this is just temporary but anyway
      WindAlert has a fully usable site now.


      Even better on iphone app



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