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770RE: [snowkiteidaho] RE: [BSA] Re: Morning wind

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  • Gear Daddy, LLC
    Sep 29, 2006
      I was up there this morning watched Brian go out on windsurfer planning only in middle area. Tom C on kite and swimming it pretty hard.
      See ya tomorrow with Taxi service Boat

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      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] RE: [BSA] Re: Morning wind

      I didn't go up Thursday, but I did drive up to the mouth of the canyon (by
      diversion dam) this morning (Friday). I did see a breeze, but not the usual
      rockin-wind. With the west wind in mountain home, I wasn't about to get
      skunked again this week.

      I wonder if anyone tried it out. Praying hard for tomorrow.


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      Subject: [BSA] Re: Morning wind

      A couple of us went up to LP Thursday morning to check things out, but
      the winds were pretty light, so I don't think anyone went out.

      Today's (Friday's) numbers were not inspiring, so I did not even make
      the attempt.

      I am holding out hope for Saturday as well. It seems unusual to have
      all of this high pressure/high temp this late in the season and not have
      much in the way of strong morning winds. I just bought a new 5.3 sail
      in hopes of getting it wet this fall. I am still hoping.....

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      Subject: [BSA] Morning wind

      Tomorrow looks possible but may not be too good. It seems Saturday
      would be a good morning wind day and we'll see. I don't think much is
      going to happen about that. Saturday may be our "end of season" party
      day. :-)

      I'll probably head up and see since I haven't been up there for a

      Best regards,

      Chris Lee

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