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7510Re: Paragliding Boise is in trouble!!!

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  • Jason
    Mar 15, 2011

      Feel free to slap my anti-authoritarian credentials to the petition.
      Damn the man and his 'master' plan.

      Jason Mac

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      > Hello Eddy,
      > Use my name..
      > -JBrick
      > _____
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      > Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2011 10:35 PM
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      > Subject: [snowkiteidaho] Paragliding Boise is in trouble!!!
      > Hi all, Eddy here and I need to beg help of all friends of outdoor
      > recreational activities.
      > Recently, Boise city purchased the land of Hammer Flats Area in SE Boise.
      > This area is one of my favorite Paragliding sites in the Boise area. This
      > purchase includes all the land East of Ben's Crow Inn(restaurant) East to
      > Lucky Peak. In the Purchase of this property Boise used the Foothill's
      > Recreational Levy Funds to buy the land. Now they are secretly trying to
      > hand the land off to Idaho Fish and Game. Idaho F&G says they will turn it
      > into a wildlife sanctuary (AKA a Breeding ground of Hunter's Game).
      > Tuesday 3/15/2011 at 6pm the city is holding a low key public hearing to ban
      > everyone from the area for 1 year so it can be studied by a "Biologist". The
      > city has not told anyone of this ban and this information has leaked out.
      > The majority of the Paragliding and Hang gliding community working with the
      > city are out of the State this week, which is convenient for the state. We
      > are not asking for much, we just want the Right to hike and fly this hill at
      > minimum, we also think that existing trails should be left open for public
      > recreation.
      > I learned to Paraglide there 10 years ago and it is a great little spot that
      > does not affect the area and hardly anyone knows that we are there. If the
      > local population of Boise Paraglider pilots lose this spot, another fun
      > sport in the Valley "DIES". Because we are such a small group, very few know
      > or understand our usage of the area. Hence we are invisible, but the fact is
      > the hill has been used for 30+ years for flying. We need to get more people
      > involved and get a fire lit under the city's Kiester. This ban is against
      > everyone (Hikers, Bikers, recreationalist, but if your a hunter then you
      > sorta win and will have a close population to shoot and kill) and the city
      > used every recreation-ist tax monies to buy this land. Our sport does not
      > hurt anyone or anything just like kiteboarding, but here we go again.
      > Please let me know if we can use your name and email contact in our petition
      > to fight this ban. This is just like the deal we had to put up with at Lake
      > Lowell and that battle is not over. We need help and anyone that can show up
      > at the meeting on Tuesday and raise your voices and concerns please do so.
      > I'll be there and I hope not alone.
      > Please forward this email to any other groups or friends that can help.
      > Thanks,
      > Eddy Petranek
      > epetranek@... <mailto:epetranek%40gmail.com>
      > 208-863-6966
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