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7505RE: [snowkiteidaho] Paragliding Boise is in trouble!!!

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  • Jason Brickner
    Mar 14, 2011
      Hello Eddy,
      Use my name..

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      Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2011 10:35 PM
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      Subject: [snowkiteidaho] Paragliding Boise is in trouble!!!


      Hi all, Eddy here and I need to beg help of all friends of outdoor recreational activities.

      Recently, Boise city purchased the land of Hammer Flats Area in SE Boise. This area is one of my favorite Paragliding sites in the Boise area. This purchase includes all the land East of Ben's Crow Inn(restaurant) East to Lucky Peak. In the Purchase of this property Boise used the Foothill's Recreational Levy Funds to buy the land. Now they are secretly trying to hand the land off to Idaho Fish and Game. Idaho F&G says they will turn it into a wildlife sanctuary (AKA a Breeding ground of Hunter's Game).

      Tuesday 3/15/2011 at 6pm the city is holding a low key public hearing to ban everyone from the area for 1 year so it can be studied by a "Biologist". The city has not told anyone of this ban and this information has leaked out. The majority of the Paragliding and Hang gliding community working with the city are out of the State this week, which is convenient for the state. We are not asking for much, we just want the Right to hike and fly this hill at minimum, we also think that existing trails should be left open for public recreation.

      I learned to Paraglide there 10 years ago and it is a great little spot that does not affect the area and hardly anyone knows that we are there. If the local population of Boise Paraglider pilots lose this spot, another fun sport in the Valley "DIES". Because we are such a small group, very few know or understand our usage of the area. Hence we are invisible, but the fact is the hill has been used for 30+ years for flying. We need to get more people involved and get a fire lit under the city's Kiester. This ban is against everyone (Hikers, Bikers, recreationalist, but if your a hunter then you sorta win and will have a close population to shoot and kill) and the city used every recreation-ist tax monies to buy this land. Our sport does not hurt anyone or anything just like kiteboarding, but here we go again.

      Please let me know if we can use your name and email contact in our petition to fight this ban. This is just like the deal we had to put up with at Lake Lowell and that battle is not over. We need help and anyone that can show up at the meeting on Tuesday and raise your voices and concerns please do so. I'll be there and I hope not alone.

      Please forward this email to any other groups or friends that can help.

      Eddy Petranek

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