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7119Re: [snowkiteidaho] best chance for wind

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  • Morgan Parks
    Nov 27 1:51 PM
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      Well, the research i have been doing is telling me that Frenzy 2011 is totally new this year, they reduced the lines by 20 some percent, put in blow out valves so that when the kite is crashed the air flows out and doesnt hurt the kite. I know that you guys all love the manta, but the frenzy has more de power and this year all kites come with the same great bar set up. The Frenzy has my attention with the blow out valves. they are not mentioned on the manta 3s and the frenzy claims to have more de-power. >? i have not flown either, except a manta 2 of my buddy's but i didnt actually kite with it.

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      I weigh 190 /195 and use my 15m 75% of the time and my 10m the rest and  ( wish I had a 7m three or four times a season) ,I ride a snowboard . If you plan to use skis you can get by with a smaller kite . Do some research,  last years Frenzy and Manta needed some tuning , I don't know what the new ones are like , Maybe Eddy does, What do you know Eddy ? . But I would get the Manta , its the difference between a Cadillac and a Ford .
      On another note I would like to pickup a 12m manta  cheap , anyone  selling ?
      Steve O'
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      Hey guys, if i get a new frenzy 13 do you think i will be nicely powered most of the time or is the 11 a better fit. I just dont want to be paragliding while snow kiting. let me know what you think. thanks

      Morgan Parks

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      Subject: Re: [snowkiteidaho] best chance for wind
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      Date: Friday, November 26, 2010, 5:54 PM


      Rock skis for sure

      Eddy @ Gear Daddy LLC

      On Nov 26, 2010, at 10:44 AM, Darrel Thomas wrote:


      Looks a little thin on the camera, but I'm sure if we went, we'd find something kiteable. I'm just not sure I'm desperate enough... Almost though!

      On Nov 26, 2010, at 9:30 AM, "Steve Linane" <stevelinane@...> wrote:


      Who can we send up today that will give us a honest snow report . ?
      Zone Forecast: Camas PrairieMobile Weather Information

      Last Update: 344 AM MST FRI NOV 26 2010
      Detailed text forecast
      Today...Partly sunny. Highs 20 to 25. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Gusts to 25 mph in the afternoon. Lowest wind chill readings around 5 below zero in the morning

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