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7097Camas update

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  • Mark Westerdoll
    Nov 22, 2010
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      OK kiters,
      I know how any beta helps a jonesing psyche, so here you go! Mores Creek Summit had a foot of new overnight and the Boise mountains have the base needed to set up for skiing. This snow will need to pack to create a base for skiing, skiis and boards just go to the ground now because there is nothing under it. I spent the night up there to field test some new equipment so I saw it first hand. Next storm, if it comes around Thanksgiving should bring skiable conditions and opening ski areas.
      Camas Prairie was bone dry before the snow, but after this new snow has a chance to pack into a base should be kiteable, especially Double Barrel where it burned. The Burn was not complete so there is still sage that will stick through, but this should be the first area to be open enough to kite. I would expect any skiis/snowboards to penetrate through the new snow to the ground now. I'm sure you crazy kids are gonna go up there this week so take your rock skiis and be carefull. Don't ruin a whole season because you couldn't wait a couple days.
      We are setting up for a great year with low avalanche danger, as long as we can get a few feet on the ground before Christmas the avalanche danger should be better than in the last few years. I hope this storm tonight and tommorrow is as big as they are predicting.
      See you all in a week or so! IT'S ON BABY!