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  • Jon Bolt
    Oct 1, 2010
      Oh...Eddy was out too.  Somehow slammed his kite tearing stem to stern.  Body dragged the crippled vessel back to Turner and came on out 9m.

      On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 2:03 PM, Jon Bolt <idakiteman@...> wrote:
      Conditions on arrival @ Turner @ 7:45am far weaker than what wind sensor reported around 7am.  Early arrivers waited to see if it's pick up.  I think TVA gave up and went home.  Rusty suited up and hit the trail right away, inducing others make the walk even though very light.  Once the sun pretty well covered the water, it did pick up darn decent, everyone on 11-13m kites.  Saw a fantastic mega-air from Chrizzo, and had a couple decent myself in my first 5 minutes  (I was one of latest to get out).  Jim T. the only windsurfer.  To me first 10 minutes felt like Mon/Tues solid beef bonanza.  Not sure if I just got lucky for short interval or if others thought that too.  But after no more than 10 minutes, the gaps & gusts & southerly kicked in for a return of rodeo riding.  Not so bad as last weekend but such rapid short punches and holes it rarely felt stable enough to count on it holding for a trick...and usually it wouldn't.  The big air stopped but still playable.  Then Jim T., who'd gone almost out-of-site up the canyon, found the wind faucet and turned it off.  Yesterday he took the wind with him when he left Turner, and today he ruins it again.  Kiters: Rusty, Billy, Greg, Eddy, Mark, me, and Monty showed for very brief sesh.

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